Will Time Prove Patreon And Paypal Pushed Too Hard?

For what it's worth, I called PayPal out of curiosity to find out more about what they're doing. I didn't expect much or to get very far and that's precisely what happened. I tried to get the customer service rep to expand on their behaviour but she clearly was told not to say boo. At first she played they 'what are we doing?' angle and I responded by saying, 'It's all over the Internet' at which point she conceded but not much else.

I asked her if there was anyone else I could speak to before I close my account to give Paypal a chance to explain themselves.

It was a big nada.

Alas, no 'Truth and security or diversity' bull shit was set up it sounded like.

So, I transferred the money I had left into my bank account and will close it out in 3 to 5 business days.

Free speech or die folks. We lose that, we got nothing.

And absolutely this is all about Trump 2020. That Hillary is still out there yapping on, they want to do their part to make sure he doesn't get re-elected.

Regardless of what you may think about Trump, this cannot be let to stand if if you believe in free speech.

The other part of this equation brought up is the idea bigger players and the idea of collusion are behind this. Credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa seem to have some of the fingers all over this too. We'll just have to let the facts about this unfold. If they are, aside from being outrageous, I'm not sure what people can do about it.

They've moved on from banning people. They're going after something that's just as wicked: People's income. The basic tenet of America is 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. In Canada, it's 'peace, order and good government.'

Mastercard and PayPal cutting people off from their ability to earn an income - ie happiness - is an assault on this tenet.

I have no idea what's going on but it doesn't smell right.

We need to respect people's votes; to treat them as individuals. Not as a collective. Whoever is behind all this madness is not happy with how free people have decided to vote. And this is terribly problematic.

Look. I loathe Trudeau and the Liberals. But I abide and respect the results of their election. I can but challenge and criticize them for four years. Imagine if companies didn't like the result of an election and using their power to try and undermine it? How is this not an attack on liberty?

Nor do I consider any of these so-called 'alt-right extremists' depicting in hit pieces to be reactionary at all any more I consider Thom Hartmann, TYT, Maddow, or Jimmy Dore to be reactionaries. These are just people with views I disagree (though Dore is far more honest about what's going on) with. That's all.

It's just that I think the conservative/libertarian side are making more compelling arguments and defending their positions better. I merely listen, measure and determine who I feel is conveying their message across and I suspect it's the same for others. People may feel the opposite of what I just wrote and that's okay.

However, there are clearly forces looking to silence one perspective and they generally tend to fall on the right side of the spectrum. Yes, liberals have been victims but it's clear those who steer off a certain prescribed, let's call it progressive narrative are being throttled.

At this point, more is in common with Alex Jones and Jimmy Dore than not because they've both been targeted for expressing their views and this should not be accepted.

Last, I don't see Trump - just to say - as the problem here or populists. They've accepted results of past elections. Now things have changed. What I see is the true reactionaries are the ones who don't accept the outcomes they feels should be overturned ie Brexit is one example.

And what about the term 'reactionary'. Of course people will always 'react' to something or else they'd be slaves to the status. For example, progressives 'reacted' to perceived ills in society and proceeded to introduce their solutions (largely based on faulty premised but that's for another discussion)  in the early 20th century.

Don't give into the evil. Fight back.

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