Blurred Lines: Freedom Of Speech Is On The Run In The West

It's been a real run of successes for the totalitarians in recent months.

Enough people are being banned on social media to perhaps recognize we have a serious problem developing.

To those not in the thick of the things it may not be much of an issue for them but they should recognize censorship is an evil and absolutely nobody should be silenced.

Even the so-called haters, racists, Nazis and whoever else.

One person, a doctor, told me 'free speech speech ends with someone's oppression'.

This line send a shiver down my back for a couple of reasons.

One, how the hell do you draw that line dividing free speech from hurting someone?

You can't. It's impossible. Literally. As much as I've come to hate this word.

The same person once took me to task because I made some 'your momma' jokes in our sports pool. Why? His mother had died a few years earlier and he was still grieving.

So he demanded I cease.

Of course, I told him to respectfully screw off. But I did stop out of respect for the pool. 11 other people who saw no problem with the humour simply bowed out of not wanting to stir further trouble. It's dumb but whaddya gonna do?

And more on this in a minute because this, I think, is a major part of the problem.

Two, this gentleman is highly educated, literate and well-travelled.

But has bought the SJW/PC narrative on speech hook line and sinker.

It's what I call the blurred lines of understanding free speech.

People have accepted the notion there's such a thing as 'hate speech' or that government and corporations (preposterously) can regulate and 'balance' speech.

The people 'fighting' fascists are the fascists and don't recognize it. Mostly because this generation of millennials are perhaps the most ignorant and illiterate generation in the last 200 years. The lack of historical knowledge and inability to keep proper context and perspective is a crime against intellectualism. Somewhere along the lines we failed these people.

And now they roam the earth, unfulfilled, weary eyed, and completely misguided.

Fools running companies like Facebook, Patreon, PayPal, youtube, Google, Apple (Tim Cook is perhaps the most detestable individual of the bunch. He recently got an ADL award for his work on fighting hate. What work? All he did was select people he wanted to ban and censor. Suddenly that's honourable? I've taken Cook to task a couple of times here and consider him to be a totalitarian twit with a sophomoric world view where liberty is concerned. He's a classic case of why the government and companies shouldn't know where the guns are. Tim Cook is no hero. He's the one with the pitch fork. I wouldn't trust this guy to 'gatekeep' anything. If you look up 'sanctimonious douche' you'll see a picture of Cook) and others have played their parts in keeping these people in the dark.

These are the faces of tyranny.

Alas, the system rewards them! Here's a trophy Timmy! Good job Colin!

It's easy to conclude 'it won't impact me' but it will. It will manifest itself in many ways. In the slowdown of creativity, the vigilance needed to protect our freedoms, a more lazy media, people becoming victims of censorship laws or facing criminal lawsuits and so on. They send people for 'diversity training' and developed bureaucracies (school administrators make hundreds of thousands of dollars on this racket. If you meet someone who is a proud diversity officer, bear in mind you're staying into an abyss of empty intellectualism and shallow moralism. A person who is so self-deluded in their messianic belief they'd be comfortable in Blue Caps running the Gulags. They're incapable of the inhumanity they sell) dedicated to 'right-think'. Even their titles contain words like Czar in them!

You can't make this stuff up.

And let's keep the blame where it squarely belongs: With the progressive left and companies who buy into their sloppy sophistic narratives.

They want to silence voices that run contrary to their indoctrination. They project hard when they scorn the views of religious people when they themselves hold a myopic and corrosive religious like world view. They're the ones tearing up signs, running for safe spaces, demanding speakers be banned on campuses, and outright engaging in lies misrepresenting their opponents. Lloyd Grove of The Guardian flat out lied saying Gavin McInnes was an alleged anti-semite and white supremacist.

Papers like this get to hide behind some increasingly questionable veil of 'objective' journalism but to me it's libel. Not a single shred of proof he has to assert this. I know. I've been aware of McInnes for years. While it's true he's a provocateur he ain't no racist. Full fucking stop.

The Guardian is pimping fake news and when they pull shit like that it helps NO ONE.

Never mind the fact, again, we see projection in plain view.

Grove made sure to connect Gavin to white supremacy so as to tag him an anti-semite.

But here's the thing, as pointed out, he's neither. What we do know, though, is the biggest anti-semites are often the left. They have a hate of Israel often conflating Jews with the political. Just look at the Nation of Islam. A true, full blown racist organization that has yet to outrageously be left alone by social media! Same with sites like The Root and their clear contempt for 'whypippo'.  Or my personal favourite, The New York Times hiring a degenerate racist - Sarah Jeong - to be part of its editorial staff. Paper of record! You go girl! Wooo!

Go on any campus and listen to the overwhelmingly Progressive, Marxist, left-wing faculties and you will see anti-semitism that would make the hair on your arm raise.

No. Conservatives aren't 'just as bad'. I don't recall stories like this one during Obama's presidency.

The left are driven by a faux-righteous moral outrage of mythical proportions in my opinion.

But let's focus on people like Sargon and Gavin and Alex Jones who have never uttered a single sentence that approaches anywhere near the vileness (because they're not alt-right racists) reached by people like Ron Perlman the actor, Jeong and Farrakhan - the latter duo of spectacular stupidity absolutely are racists. 

They've blurred the lines on the language. They've muddled and muddies the waters with their nonsensical jargon on free speech to the point of moving the definition of hate to encompass just about anyone they want to target.

Heck, I run afoul of their preposterous positions.

I'm currently reading 'All Quiet on the Western Front' (again).

It's a powerful novel.

I read about trench warfare and the true horror men faced.

Then, I have to read Tim Cooks and Mark Zuckerberg's of this world.

I want to vomit.

Defend free speech. Never ever applaud someone you disagree with being deplatformed or having their lives ruined.

It can happen to you.

It absolutely can.

First them, and then you.

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