My Theory On Trump; Mueller's Investigation Is More About Power Than Justice

I say 'theory' but I'm sure others have thought of this.

Immigration reform.
Tax reform.
Prison (crimina) reform.

These are issues we've been hearing about for decades. It's the trifecta, perhaps, of issues everyone knows need attending but somehow politicians have not dealt with outside the usual rhetoric of promising to do so.

It seems there may be some value to this outsider thing as Trump is willing to tackle these issues career politicians wouldn't because it wasn't politically expedient to do so. 

He's got nothing to lose and this may start a trend encouraging future politicians to continue.

The only hole in this theory is the national debt and unfunded liability which is just as serious a problem. As of yet, Trump is poised to add to it. Same with trade. There's enough concern about his tactics and the handling of it.

Nonetheless, he has forced a discussion on immigration reform, has enacted legislation on tax reform and has now introduced a criminal justice bill  (as close to a libertarian moment as one could hope for) that should be applauded by all Americans and as I type has pulled American troops out of Syria (another libertarian moment).

I wonder if Obama, who extended the American war machine as well as committing his own dubious acts of war, will be mailing or personally delivering his Nobel Peace prize to Trump.

These efforts, if anything, should calm the hysterics down. But it won't. 

Obama was false hope.
Trump may help usher in real change.
He's shocking the system. We'll see if this keeps up.
Despite some obvious successes (including a healthy economy where unemployment levels for blacks and Hispanics are at all-time lows), the Democrat party - which is acting more and more like an activist organization - is looking to take him down.
Where Trump is offering something to America, Mueller is conflating power with justice.
Aside from his questionable ethics worthy of any fine banana republic, he's contributing to the malaise among the ignorant class with making a mockery of what an indictment is.
You can't go a yard without some one pointing out 'record indictments!' without realize what an indictment is. Indictments are formal charges but aren't proof of anything. It's an accusation of wrong doing that could lead to prosecution. That's all. Mueller has been using this as a cynical ploy and tool to create the atmosphere Trump is engage in illegal activity but has of yet proven nothing. Just like they did with Kavanaugh. He using the indictment to fish for evidence ruining lives in the process.
At some point, Americans have to put an end to this. It's demeaning American justice. 
Beccaria is definitely spinning in his grave with Mueller's antics and shenanigans. 

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