To Believe In Climate Change Is To Believe In Nihilism Not Science

Climate change as politics is a scourge.

It is.

It has become so manipulated it's nothing but a bag of broken glass at this point. It's so disjointed a concept for critical thinkers but yet still manages to frighten people - often the inexperienced youth and those so easily given to trends and cults.

My God just listen to the lingo! 'We have to do something by such and such a date' is the very essence of fear mongering.

Always look at the actions not words or rhetoric of the people who purport to care. Obamacare, for example, is great! If so, why did they give so many exemptions to the connected classes? If the planet is about to die because of man, perhaps Di Caprio can sell his yacht while Steyer and Gore can ground their private jets, no?

Do as I say! Not as I do! That's the message. Or in the case of government control, here's your free shit but don't expect us to use it.

Climate change is a movement. It's not a scientific fact. That climate changes is a self-evident fact and reality but the notion of whether contribute to it - or as been speciously posited increase the rate of -  is very much in the air.

There is no conclusive study. None.

The people who ask 'do you believe in climate change' are either part of the scheme or have been duped. It's a question a believe asks; not a free mind endowed with natural and healthy skepticism.

Climate change has all the language we see in the Book of Revelations with the added nihilism of Dostoevsky's Devils.

You dare deny? Ye must burn! Humans are but wretched souls decimating and destroying earth! White people have done nothing but imprint upon other peoples a mark of evil; of the devil! You must repent!

It's an awful, anti-human message.

I can't bare to imagine what it must be like to be a person who utters such tripe and believe it.

Politicians are all too glad to exploit this timeless feature in humanity if it means votes.

Don't believe what I say. Just observe how they react whenever the news turns good. Global warming stopped for years. So they shifted. No one calls it that anymore. Do you science bro? It's climate change! So whether it cools or warms or whatever it's always in flux and here's the kicker: Humans are always at fault!

This is how you keep a cottage industry going.

Hence, all the calls for draconian measures like carbon taxes and protocols and accords. Make sure all studies are constructed as a narrative (turtles are choking on straws) so as to back up whatever ridiculous ban that's being pimped.

Keep the language confused and make sure to keep people afraid.

They're like to to claim social conservatives and Creationists believe in myths but what do they think they're doing? Their science is barely better than what's asserted by Creationists. It's called projection.

In addition to the nihilism comes a certain arrogance and hubris that leaves me uncomfortable. Even if we think or believe we can make a change, do we really believe we can conquer Mother Nature?

In the end, she and she alone will determine our future.

Not some faux-Sybilist screaming about 'existential threats'.


About a year ago I asked how a psychiatrist I knew was doing. She responded, 'It could be better! Climate change is making me scared!'

Along those lines. I can't remember her exact words but she was sincerely worried about the planet and what we were doing to it.

First, I thought, 'now there's a bad psychiatrist'. To be so easily manipulated as a person of science gave me pause. Meh. It's how I roll.

Her whole job is to help people in their personal lives. If you can't first start from that point how the heck can you solve whatever ails the world?

Think small and local. Think for and about yourself first. If you're a dope constantly acting irresponsibly that Tesla you just bought, hate to break it to you, is going to do jack squat because you haven't seized ownership of yourself; just an ideal with a battery.

Second, it didn't stop her from buying a bunch of SUVs in succession (including an RV) over the next few years.

Maybe she was taking her cue from Al Gore.

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