McGill Gives Into PC Run Amok

What a shame that McGill University will be changing its Redman name because of one complaint while giving into a misguided outrage machine.

How absurd is it?

The origin of the Redman name has nothing whatsoever to do Natives or any other victim group.

“In ancient times, Celts were known as the Red Men because of their hair … our own Red Men were no doubt Celts in honour of James McGill’s Scottish descent,” McGill’s official historian, the late Stanley Frost, is quoted stating on the McGill Athletics web site."

Despite this fact, student still voted to change the name because it's 'hurtful'. No appreciation for context and tradition it seems exists anymore.

So follow this closely. Being red headed Celts is racist and hurtful because the narrative evolved over time. Got that? Your existence offends people now.

It's obtuse to the point of intellectual degeneracy.

Too bad McGill will bend and spinelessly submit.

Canada changes its anthem to make it more 'gender neutral' and its most revered institution of learning rolls with the regressive times.

This will never end until someone finally takes a stand.

Will this change anything? Of course not. We're just enabling this behaviour.

I absolutely now take issue with the fact identities that don't fall under the identity politics umbrella are problematic. See this here? It's a line. I'm drawing it.

Blackhawks, Indians, Reds, New Zealand All Blacks, Braves, Patriots, Browns, Celtics, Yankees, Red Sox, Fighting Irish, Orangemen etc....no name is safe anymore. People will find something in these names to be outraged about. 

Regardless of context and reason, if the word is negatively associated with a victim group, it will be targeted.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn't a sympathetic figure but he seems to be standing up to this craziness and hopefully he does so.

Sometimes you just need assholes to set things straight.


If Canadians could exhibit an ounce of fucking dignity and a sense of liberty one way McGill could work around it they could call it 'Redsmen' or some other play on word faux-outrage assholes couldn't really sink their teeth into.

That happened in NYC when Giuliani wanted to go after titty bars with 'topless dancers' advertisement (if memory serves me right). Owners and their lawyers were ready to go with 'Stopless Dancers'.

Giuliani eventually dropped his puritanical crusade.

Learn to give the big finger to people.

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