Derp: Jingle Derp, Jingle Derp Jingle All The Way!

Let's start with some hysterics:

"...The end of Trump’s unchecked presidency, whether it comes through electoral, political, or constitutional means, will not solve this problem in the near term. In fact, it will probably further consolidate the far right around his personality and leadership, at least temporarily. Almost any imaginable circumstance under which Trump leaves office is likely to coincide with a wave of violence even greater than what we are currently experiencing. This has gone too far; there is no easy way back.
But there is no way back at all that leads through the status quo. The gravitational field of the presidency is unparalleled in U.S. culture—arguably unparalleled in the world. For as long as the center holds, the alt-right’s component parts and adjacent movements will continue to be drawn into Trump’s orbit, with an increasing sense of empowerment and license to act. Until the tide stops rising, their boats will continue to sail. The past week was just a taste of what that dystopian future could look like."
Where my The Atlantic gone?

We must be living in two alternative universes because this is not what I see as you know by my posts.

Mueller's antics and the absurdity we saw with Kavanaugh will do far more damage than anything Trump will ever do.


The Russia investigation in particular is obscene and fit for a banana republic.

You were saying?

What's the point of Mueller's investigation?


Speaking of where my The Atlantic gone.

A new perverse trend among the left I've noticed is them taking periods in history that were illiberal and left-wing and attempting to characterize them as 'right-wing'. They've even have the astonishing unmitigated hutzpah to tag conservatives, get this, as anti-semites!

Imagine that. Left-wingers mastered the art of anti-semitism!

The projection is so powerful it infuriates. The arrogance at rewriting history galling.

Unpacking Packer is pretty much what this blog does.

Riiiight. Hilary. Heard of her George?


On Obama:

Taking his act on the road to lecture about his Presidency's legacy shows a kind of insecurity and an absence of class. If he did in fact do those things history will judge him accordingly. The truth will protect him. 

Why is he claiming credit so vociferously for things? 


Gaps in life come down to choices? 

You don't say?

Thanks for telling us what we all knew Hah-vahd!



The DNC isn't a political party. It's a left-wing activist organization in platform and rhetoric.

Rashidi Tlaib is a good example.


"...But his hubris, arrogance and almost autistic detachment from the French in the street is in a class with Marie Antoinette. Except that this time around, the courtier whispers, “Mr President, the people cannot afford diesel.” To which the cloth-eared Macron has, in effect replied: “Let them buy Teslas.”

But the same 'autistic detachment' we see in the UK. The people voted for Brexit. The system is doing its best to over turn or ignore it.

In Italy they attempted a soft-coup via the EU.

Sovereignty is directly threatened.


Murder rate declining in the USA.



But the DNC and progressives thinks gun control and attacking the Second Amendment is a winner.


Krugman is selling a course. Remember: You get what you pay for.


Porn star ordered to pay 300k in legal fees to Trump after deformation suit dismissed.



Sarah Jeong is a racist and an illiterate.

And she works for The New York Times.

This shouldn't be taken lightly or forgotten.

A racist was hired by NYT. 

Let that sink in.


Aw, the left is now concerned about war again. Funny how for eight years Afghanistan wasn't a thing.


63% of non-citizen households get access to welfare in the USA.


Canada sides with Cuba and other countries - Syria, Iran, North Korea - noted for their commitment to women's rights.


Richard Lindzen calls Bill Nye out. Nye responds with cheap appeal to emotion.


UC Berkeley made to pay for their illiberal behaviour in landmark decision.

Slate decides to go after Sully the dog.

This is liberal intellectualism at its finest?


"When is too much green energy a bad thing? Well, how about July? 
Rivers surged this summer at a time when the wind was blowing and wind-farm operators were pumping power into the region’s transmission grid. And for the second year in a row, it created a costly headache for the Bonneville Power Administration. BPA couldn’t spill all that extra water – it had to send it through the turbines at dams on the Columbia and Snake River system. So once again it curtailed production at the windmills that have been sprouting on seemingly every rural hillside in Eastern Washington. Under new protocols prompted by a federal ruling, BPA now must compensate wind operators for the power it can’t use – half of the $2.7 million worth of electricity it didn’t carry over its transmission lines during the 12 days of curtailment that have taken place so far this year." 
Think of it as a red flag — a warning sign that the wind industry already is straining the capacity of the state’s electric utilities to put its power to good use. Members of the Washington House Energy, Technology and Communications Committee were told Tuesday that the oversupply problem is a big concern for BPA and the utilities it serves, an unintended consequence of the national push for green energy that has created particular problems for the Pacific Northwest. "

Equifax Chief Security Officer had Music degree.

Be very careful with gender quotas. Sometimes they don't end well and the results can be spectacularly bad.


Historical society apologizes for 'dreaming of a white Dorchester' card.

Racist snow.
Thank you, we certainly are not happy with its VERY unintended implications; horrified might not be strong enough of a word.

Chill and relax everyone already.
I feel bad for that person. He or she doesn't deserve this crap.
Also this is for the Dorchester Historical Society and all the race hucksters:
If that's not silly enough, Huffington Post says hold our egg nog.

Rudolph is problematic. 
The comments are Gold A standard stuff. Sometimes the people on Twitter can deliver the gems.
Astute observers of such things are not surprised. So thanks Yale. I guess.

"Racial bias can put people of color at a disadvantage when interviewing for a job, buying a house, or interacting with the police. New research suggests that bias may also shape daily interactions between racial minorities and white people, even those whites who tend to be less biased. 
According to new research by Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, white liberals tend to downplay their own verbal competence in exchanges with racial minorities, compared to how other white Americans act in such exchanges. The study is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology."
Dubya - who recall the left incessantly called 'dumb' and worse - said it best: The soft bigotry of low expectations.
The whole progressive shtick is based on exactly that. 

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