The Censor Bots Have Come For Free Thought

I'm extremely concerned.

It's been 'settled'.

Media and social media tech companies are deliberately silencing voices.

No issue they sell is up for any kind of discussion.

You will comply; submit.

It has come.

The censor machine and its army of witch hunters.

Watch the lash out.

It will be justified.

Unfortunate but what are free minds to do?

If you silent voices they will fight to be heard.

The people who claim to fight fascism are the fascists. You look to punch a Nazi but the Nazi is you!

Know your place.

Freedom of speech is threatened.

And there's a war out there.

Fight for it.


Know what you're seeing?

You're seeing nerdy kids who were ahead of the tech curve suddenly be thrust into a world they're incapable of handling.

They know tech. They don't know history, politics, social issues etc. It wasn't their thing to know.

Now, all of a sudden, they're being asked to know and are winging it on the fly. In the meantime, they're over reacting and lashing out with totalitarian measures.

This is what happens when illiterates achieve power. When the Founding Fathers founded America, it was the opposite. They had all this power but were literate beyond belief. This is why they were able to forge the mightiest nation in history. They understood the nature of man and submitted to the authority of God. They went from that point forward.

Zuckerberg built Facebook to pick up chicks. Now he has all this power and you can see he doesn't possess the intellectual capacity to deal with things beyond that point. I highly doubt he and his contemporaries ever read Beccaria or Mills or Hayek or any other landmark piece of work that helped build Western civilization into what it is today.

They didn't have an understanding of human nature and all the complexities that come with it. They're illiterate and unprepared for what's happened.

They will pay a price for their ignorance.

Not the people.

You can't deny people their right to express themselves even if you disagree with it.

You can't possibly be a fair arbiter of what constitutes hate speech.

The army of people filling up 'truth' divisions in these companies are less Thomas Jefferson and more just plain dumbasses with too much power.

That's what's happening.

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