Cook: 'You have no place on our platform'

The title is a quote from Apple CEO Tim Cook after his messianic word salad of faux-righteous social justice bull shit.

After listening to his verbal diarrhea of authoritarian nonsense masking as 'justice', I realized something.

I'm an Apple consumer. Been so since 1986 when we drove to Boston to buy a MacIntosh and smuggled it over the Canadian border. Back then we had to peruse through tech magazines for deals and Apple computers were being sold at a substantially lower price in the United States than here.

What else is new? So the more enterprising Canadians did what we did and drove to Boston and took the opportunity to visit a city we always wanted to see. It was a splendid week-end (and there have been many since) and then we hooked and id the computer in the engine of a Golf GTI and snuck that sucker in.

Phew. Glad I got that off my chest 33 years on.

This family has been purchasing Apple products ever since. I can't even imagine how much we've spent right up until now with my business attached with an Apple account.

And then I got to listen to censorious jerk offs like Tim Cook speak this way?

I disagree with everything he says. In fact, if he read this blog, it sounds as though he'd have a problem with me. Even though I'm not hateful or racist. But according to his definition of who qualifies as such, I'd be thrown into his lousy gulag.

What's he gonna do? Put in a purity test for us to determine if we're worthy of a fucking piece of computer or iPhone?

How far is this nut willing to go?

As you can tell, not a fan.

Not a fan of lousy, wealthy louts like Nancy Pelosi - someone I'm sure Cook supports - who like a degenerate princess runs off to expensive Hawaiian hotels during a government shut down while the President sticks around waiting for her sorry ass to work out deals on the table.

Let them eat fucking cake, eh Tim and Nancy?

I refuse to believe there wasn't a sound mind in the audience who listened on in horror knowing what kind of a terrible path Cook is treading.

There had to have been someone saying, 'No. Just no.'

Cook thinks himself Cato but he's more Sulla. And the Democrats are acting like Clodius as they send out their thugs in the streets to stir trouble.

Cook is precisely the worst kind of tech executive leading this social justice charge I have been speaking about. He conflates his own sense of what is right with an utter disregard for actual truth and historical precedence. He's more on the wrong side of history than he realizes because he lacks introspection and self-awareness. He just *knows* he's right. And this my friend is what an authoritarian who dismisses and values ideas looks likes.

How condescending, smug, sanctimonious of Tim. His position should send chills down the spines of everyone who believes in liberty and truth.


Your judgment and morality is subjective and using it to weaponize your company is asinine as it is dangerous because millions of people don't share your view. Millions of PAYING CUSTOMERS.

Have the wisdom to understand this.

Do your job.

Make me a computer.

I'm about due to head to Boston.

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