Green And White Are The New Black And Brown

The Green coats (climate change activists and eco-terrorists) and White coats (doctors and scientists) have taken a turn for a dogmatic and aggressive stance in urging policy and society to meet their demands.

What's unfolded is an environmental-medical tyranny. There is now no difference to me in their rhetoric and actions than what we saw with the Black and Brown shirts acting in the service of Mussolini and Hitler.

How dare you make such a comparison, T.C.!?

Oh, I dare.

Just carefully read their divisive screeds and fearful screeches. They assaulted people with lockdowns, masks and now vaccines while making sure they demonized and dehumanized dissenters.

It's only going to get worse from here. The new trend is to treat dissenting views as a mental illness.

Everything remains. Only the colours have changed.

Plus ca change....

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