Want To See Fascism In Action? Canada Edition

I don't know what people think when they hear the word fascism but it's not that complicated a concept to grasp and see.

Fascism, as defined by its creator Benito Mussolini (a socialist), is the merger of state and corporate interests.

Mussolini (and Hitler's Nazis) then used violent and murderous street thugs (reminiscent of Crassus during the Roman Empire) known and black and brown shirts to help win and consolidate power. 

We rightly see both Benito and Adolf as repugnant violent figures. We've been conditioned and programmed to believe there's no way liberal democracies could possibly ever fall prey and victim to illiberal forces. We're the good guys, are we not?

Except the literature of the period from Hayek to Orwell to Wells to Lewis is littered with warnings that it can and will happen hear. 

And it has.

We're just too apathetic and deluded with an inflated sense of righteousness to see.

I remember in the 1980s when I began to follow politics and current affairs it being said America was a 'fascist state cloaked as a democracy'. So this notion has been around a long time.

And without getting into details about the USA, it sure looks that way. If you're thinking thank God it's not the case in Canada, you'd be wrong. 

If anything COVID blew the lid off the illusion, it's that we're a free and democratic society.

We are in name only. But if your population won't be vigilant in protecting its core values and principles, forget it. 

Justin Trudeau believes Canada is a post-nation state with no identity. To Justin, nation-states pose a threat to the international order. He also has been marinated in the tales and ideology of communism. His father was an admirer of Mao (and a close friend of Castro) passing off this lineage to junior who said he 'admired the basic dictatorship of China'.

Apples. Trees. 

Just like Mussolini (and his father before him) was a socialist thus permitting him to create an illiberal ideology, the same can be said of Justin Trudeau. 

Aside from some of the most severe restrictions and mandates in the West for COVID (Canada was the only country to impose a domestic travel ban and the province of Quebec had not one but TWO curfews), Justin unjustifiably (Rouleau was wrong to rule otherwise) imposed martial law against protestors (the Trucker's convoy) resulting in the most punitive action against the right to assembly by freezing bank accounts ever seen in the West. 

Read that. TWO illiberal actions that were blatant violations of civil liberties as prescribed in both the Charter and Bill of Rights were a first in the West. 

We continue to learn from the fall out of such irresponsible actions that set a terrible precedent for our democracy. 

I asked if you want to see fascism in action. I set up the narrative here explaining how the conditions were ripe for fascistic behaviour (authoritarian or despotic if you prefer to make yourself feel better) Justin engages in.

He has an illiberal pedigree.  That manifests itself in the refusal to answer questions without any respect for transparency. He sets up kangaroo courts first as we saw with Rouleau and now with Johnston to create the veneer of transparency knowing what the outcome will be.

He learned well from the illiberal forefathers he admired. 

Let's take it up a notch. You can see these actions but you need to see them for what it is. Whenever you hear 'private-public partnerships' that's the merger of state and corporate interests. 

Here's another example. The RCMP sharing data with foreign intelligence on protestors.

Shouldn't the RCMP and law enforcement be protecting the rights of citizens? 

Instead, we have police, banks and government merging to conspire against the will of citizens and their right to assemble and exercise their right to free speech (which is also under attack by Justin Trudeau through illiberal Bills like C-11).

Seeing the pattern here?

Oh. Mussolini and Hitler had those thugs and camps.

Well, now that police have abdicated their responsibilities to the people (they continue to arrest pastors and religious figures), the aforementioned dictators had their coloured shirts, while ours are BLUE.

We did have camps. By dividing the country along vaccination status and setting up quarantine 'hotels' Canada was ONE step removed from full-on camps (Australia had them).

It is true, we're not quite at the level of Germany and Italy from 1920-45.

But we're swimming in those waters.

And with the disturbing revelations that our Canadian leaders turned an indifferent blind eye to CCP interference in our system of governance, Canada is slowly detaching itself from its liberal democratic roots.

This is where we stand as I see it.

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