We Need Blood Pressure Pills To Guard Against The Shameless Disinformation And Corruption Of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are terrible for my blood pressure. 

It's getting to be impossible to keep up anymore.

A couple of things here I need to quickly comment about.

One, is the Liberals/NDP have rammed through Bill C-11 without the crucial amendments requested by the Senate. This signifies the Canadian government under Justin is indeed out to ultimately censor what Canadians view on the Internet. Otherwise, if it was just a bill to 'modernize' the act then why do they need certain aspects of it that will hurt Canadian content creators? This unnecessary bill heads back to the Senate. I can't recall the Senate even being put in such a situation. It's definitely earning its stripes and now they face arguably its toughest challenge yet. Will they hold the line for Canada?

Two, a corrupt bully will continue to corrupt bully. Canada's inability to reprimand and reign in Justin Trudeau's wholly anti-democratic behaviour means he will continue to mock this 'country'.

Why country in quotations?

Because Canada isn't a country. This much we've learned for certain during Justin's reign of ideological mischief. Canada is a concept rooted in a colonial mindset.

Even the PM called this a 'post-national state'. 

So when you demean the country and dehumanize its population (and we'll get to that in a second), it becomes very easy to mock it with your antics.

The latest? He has appointed DomInic Leblanc's sister-in-law as ethics commissioner. Optics means nothing to this party. Recall David Johnston was named 'rappoteur' to tell us there's nothing to see about Chinese interference in our elections.

How corrupt is this government? It's infamous at this point

This government is riddled with examples of banana republic peels. It's an entity of shameless, bullying, remedial, creepy clowns.  Listen to this. It never ends.

I know this is a way to distract from the government's terrible governance - we shouldn't forget it's a minority government which derives its 'mandate' mostly from Toronto - but we're firmly entrenched in Cape Cringe now. I was going to write about the German AdP party and its many factions. I will just say, these two idiots are misleading Canadians about Christine Anderson. I'm currently gathering information about the party and its affairs in Germany through a contact there. See, when I hear Liberals rail like this, I do my own research and investigation because I automatically assume they're lying. I have no trust in them whatsoever. It's all pure politics with them. No integrity, courage or honesty whatsoever. For example, Gerretsen, who I linked to, is good at attacking people but he's not good at taking it blocking responses on Twitter. 

Tsk, tsk, Mark. /wags finger.

It's a deluge of disinformation (did you know the BBC has a Disinformation Editor? Ironic given they're so good at it) from the government. 

A couple more examples, I got a glimpse of Justin lecturing about flat earthers, Even that he can't get right spreading disinformation about them. They didn't 'spring out of nowhere'. The Flat Earth Society has been around since 1956. 

He's attempting to set up a straw man where he correlates the 'anti-science' of flat-earthers with 'anti-vaxxers'. Doing so he continues to drive a wedge between Canadians to further an ideological agenda. 

His explanation was sophomoric as it was condescending. He clearly didn't take the time to read about the history of society. But that's irrelevant. The point is we live in an open and pluralist society.

Well, I thought we did. 

Who will be targeted next by Justin Trudeau? 9/11 Truthers? People who don't believe the U.S. landed on the moon? There's no shortage of people to scapegoat. How about Church goers? Christians? 

Justin is trying to set things up so that there's only one source of information, The state.

Know what we call this?

I'll leave it to you to imagine.

Anyway. While he talks nonsense about how 'sciency' he is, his government peddles puberty blockers and the unscientific transgender agenda while funding Drag Queen camps. 

Let that sink in. 

Last, the sad and tragic murder of Paul Schroeder in Vancouver. 

Notice Justin and Jagmeet have yet to comment on it. Gee, I wonder why?

Well, first off. He's white. No matter whether he had a minority wife and child. He's white No victimhood points to score off him. Second, the alleged suspect appears to be Indian. His weapon of choice was a Kirpan. 

A double whammy no-no for Jagmeet. He has to steer clear of that one.

Justin is always ready to spew his mouth off whenever there's am alleged crime against a minority before the facts are in. Remember the story of that Muslin girl years ago in Toronto when she claimed a man walked up to her and pulled her hijab off in a park? Justin was screaming within minutes of that story. Within a day it was proven to be a hoax.

Justin doesn't care about you or your family or your religion.

He's an ideologue. Get that through your heads.

Learn to think like an ideologue. 

For instance, it wouldn't surprise me if the liberal/NDP establishment blamed the VICTIM."Why did he confront a visible minority? Was he being racist? This is why we need to invest in fighting against disinformation! His ignorance killed him!

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