The Profound Ignorance Of Melanie Joly

The day she was given the foreign affairs portfolio I called it out.

She had no background in such matters and thus had no business being given a prominent file.

The failed Montreal mayoral candidate is about as amateurish as you'd expect. 

Among her many face-palming comments, few rise to having claimed that no country has invaded another country since WWII until Russia did it.

Apparently, 2022 is when history began in Joly's world.

I think this has to come from a place of profound ignorance and not her simply lying. Why lie about something like that? It's very easy to fact-check something like this. 

The list of foreign invasions and interventions since 1945 is long. In fact, people seem to think that the world found stability in 1945. One could argue it was more precarious and violent. 

What makes her comments ludicrous is the USA alone has invaded more countries than any other country. They topped The Shaw of Iran in the 1950s, invaded Vietnam in the 60s and Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s. This doesn't include other incursions and coups in Libya, Syria, and Central America.

America was - and remains  - a naughty country. 

The irony of her comment is that the U.S. orchestrated the Maidan Coup in 2014 in Ukraine which basically started the war and then proceeded to blow up the Nordsream pipeline thus ensuring Russia maintains its stance.

The West wanted this war and they got it.

Now own it, Melanie. You're now a neocon warmonger. 

The Liberals have become a national embarrassment at this point and their sheer stupidity has become a threat to national security. 

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