J6: All LIES

 As usual, the people not following the news and narrative got it right. But they were sidelined and ignored. 

The truth about January 6 was there in plain sight for anyone to see. 

But as usual, people are lazy wasted assholes and chose to go with the 'OMFG TRUMP WANTED TO ORCHESTRATE A COUP!!!' bull shit.

How I've come to loathe fools these past three years.

Yes, you were bamboozled by the likes of low-life sleaze buckers like Hancock, Trudeau, Legault, Tam, Fauci, Collins, Biden etc. 

Every single one of them is a liar.

Every night look in the mirror and repeat, 'They lied to me and my family. 

They took advantage of your trusting naivety and rubbed sand into your eyes.

And if you think these scumbags didn't make obscene amounts of money, you're delusional.

While you were in a useless lockdown, they were watching the money-bag supply chains run through.

There never was an insurrection on January 6. What you saw was a classic undercover false flag event to try and take out Trump.

These people are willing to ruin the lives of mostly innocent people who were merely protesting using them as pawns to take out Donald Trump who is a direct threat to the establishment.

It really is that simple.

There was ample evidence at the time to doubt the script being weaved by the feckless and evil corporate media. Plenty of video footage showed, for example, people being waved in. AOC claiming she feared for her life despite not being present on that day is another example. The officer who died wasn't killed by protestors. 

But that didn't stop the Democrats from staging one of the greatest pieces of theatrical art in the history of American - probably Western - politics with the JS hearings.

Anyone who watched and believed that has an IQ below 70.

And so it's come out the revelations through leaked live video from within the Capitol Building clearly shows there was no riot. 

Keep this in mind whenever an idiot Canadian politician spews J6 nonsense to further use power to rob us of our rights. 

You were lied to by professional pathological narcissistic maniacal liars.

When will you wake up and smell the coffee?


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