Canadian Pride Is Misplaced

Did you know Canada doesn't have a high speed railway?

They have them in Europe and they're wonderful. Even Russia has advanced transportation systems.

If I want to go to Toronto I have to drive the 401 or use Via Rail.

That's it. 

Another example that this country is incapable of modernizing and thinking big.

Instead, what do we get?

'Just Transition' grift that will lead us nowhere. 

In addition, Justin has introduced increased taxes in the Canadian Pension Plan, Employment Insurance (which was denied to unvaccinated Canadians), alcohol, and introduced TWO carbon taxes.

On top of that, thanks to a ridiculous consultant's complaint to the CMHC, they're also flirting with a Home Equity tax.  

Despite promising not to make already struggling Canadians lives harder.

Being the natural liar he is, that's precisely what he did as he 'dazzles' the world traveling with his banal and boring hypocritical rhetoric.

You can't build a thriving and prosperous society with the Liberals. They think the green ticket out is the green new world.

Good luck with that.

The conservatives, for their part, are offering little. And the way Poilevre rolled over about Christine Anderson's visit, they don't have courage or principles either. 

As usual, misplaced Canadian pride detracts us from getting things done. Canadians have fooled themselves into thinking that maybe things aren't so great but they're so much better than elsewhere. I don't know, but an advanced society should not be making a mess of airports, passports and in the case of Quebec, delivering basic services like driver's licenses. 

I expect Canada to be a laggard moving forward.

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