Canada Being Left Behind

Just observe how our allies treat us now.

Last year, the President of El Salvador - of all countries -  scolded Justin Trudeau saying Canada is the last country to lecture others about freedom and democracy. European MPs regularly point to Canada as a cautionary tale about how a democracy can become despotic. 

Canadians may take offence to it but Canadians aren't very good at stepping outside themselves and see how we're perceived abroad.

Canada's image has sunk significantly not only perception-wise but even by objective (to the extent these things are) standards through measures like the Democracy Index where the country has fallen a few notches.

You can misle and mislead Canadians but you can't fool the world. 

One telling example is the UK, U.S. and Australia splintering from Canada and New Zealand where security about China is concerned. This a clear sign those countries don't trust us.

 Canada isn't a serious country. 

Another example where serious countries are disengaging from all this ESG, woke, and green nonsense, is the Bank of England deciding to no longer fund Mark Carney's 'climate programs'. Read: A massive global scheme for cronies with Canada at the top of that food chain. What's that green fund Freeland is trying to set up as part of the ridiculous 'Just Transition' scam again? Whatever. More grifting is all it is because they will not succeed in attaining their objective. Alas, Canada just inked a battery facility deal with Volkswagen (of which they refuse, naturally, to disclose the financials around it). Canada is one contract folly after another. The country keep inking bad contracts (like those with vaccine manufacturers that are already going under) on our dime. 

Let me put it you this way: See what happened with the 'wokest' bank in the world SVB? Picture that happening to a country and that country being Canada. 

The world needs more Canada, eh Bono? 

Sounds like the world thinks it needs less of our bullshit. 

Seems like with a global recession on the horizon, the BoE isn't interested in impoverishing their country like Canada is willing to do to its own people. 

This is quite important as the BoE is one of the most powerful central banks on the planet. 

Carney has been linked to eventually taking over the Liberal party. Let's continue to promote mediocre people who come up with sub-optimal 'programs' not rooted in reality. Sounds like a plan. 

Once again, Canada didn't read the room and didn't get the memo.

Canada: You're out. You're so 2020. 

The country needs to pivot. Fast. But as long as ideologues remain in place, I'm afraid they won't get the message.

What's left is for us to worry about what the damage will be.

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