Of Tales Told By Idiots

"A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Macbeth. William Shakespeare.

I was reminded of MacBeth's famous quote following Lady MacBeth's death. 

I will appropriate it and affix it to Justin Trudeau, Mark Gerretsen and part of Joe Biden's speech in Parliament.


Because these tales are told by idiots who are filled with faux-righteous rage that in the end signify nothing. 

The first one by Gerretsen is the most galling of them all. Since when is it to challenge a fellow MP to a fight outside? How did this not trigger a sharp rebuke by the Speaker? The Speaker is always ready to scold conservatives the second they 'act up' but a Liberal acting like it's the 19th century calling for a duel at sundown is ignored? This is a call to violence is it not? Gerretsen not only looked like a fool but is one.

Here's Justin spewing empty fury at a protestor.  It's worth noting, he did the same thing during the campaign trail in 2021 as he attacked Canadians for exercising their rights and declining to take the shot he was pushing hard for.  Unproductive hate speech and divisive rhetoric oozed from his tyrannical lips.

While not fury, it does fall into the empty vacuous realm housed by ideologues. Progressives pretending to achieve a manufactured quota filling their ranks with mediocrity is a type of success now.

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