David Johnston Should Decline Being Selected As Rapporteur

By all accounts, former Governor-General David Johnston is a nice man with many good qualities but that doesn't mean he isn't a Liberal team player.


There he is shaking hands with a narcissistic commie. 

Never mind. Johnston is a swamp creature. But he bought cabin houses with the Trudeaus when Justin was a lad!

The Canadian media, meanwhile are falling over themselves swooning over Johnston oblivious to the fact that his job is to detract from the biggest scandal in Canadian history threatening national security. 

I can't stress this enough. A foreign enemy is actively embedded in our election process. My guess is the problem is way worse than we think. And what's equally appalling is the NDP and MPs are allowing this farce to continue. 

Like Paul Rouleau before him,. Johnston risks sullying his "stellar" reputation (as a Liberal hack) as nothing more than a partisan political Liberal activist. This is what he is only this time people will see it.

Justin is going to take down everyone with him. 

Is there no more integrity among the Canadian political classes?

Is it possible we do not have any person who stands by their convictions and principles (assuming they have any. And by the looks of it, it's completely void within the Liberal ranks. All we see from this party is cold-calculating realpolitik).

Johnston is taking part in another cynical ploy by Justin to survive yet another major scandal and to continue the lack of transparency for he's become infamous.

What was Johnston thinking? Johnston wrote about how the integrity of our democracy in Quebec was shattered during COVID. Did he believe this isn't the same for Canada? Surely. he can't possibly think Canadian democracy is healthy under Justin Trudeau.

So why take this job? We all know how it's going to play out. A 'family friend' as Justin put it, isn't going to cut it. The optics are so absurd it makes a monkey of this sham. Justin Trudeau is openly mocking Canadians. Even fools who still support this repugnant PM.

This "show investigation' is designed to get Justin off the hook like Rouelau did with POEC. Without a truly independent inquiry, we will never arrive at the truth.

Until then, the PMO can continue to operate in utter secrecy plotting their anti-democratic schemes.

Martial law and foreign interference in Canada. 

These are the stains of an incompetent, shallow and traitorous government.

When Justin said he admired China's 'basic dictatorship' he meant it. What Canadians didn't fully grasp at the time was, he wanted to become a dictator here.

And how Johnston is about to hand him another jewel to help him achieve that.

There will be no impartial ruling here.

It will go along the lines of:

Johnston: Hi, Paul. Mind if I borrow your report?

Rouleau: Sure! We must stick together! I'll have my staff adjust for the particulars! 

"Undoubtedly, mistakes were made, and we need to be more vigilant in future. However,  in this case, I have, reluctantly, found no clear evidence that these alleged Chinese-sponsored activities have had any undue impact on the outcome of past elections. It doesn't mean it won't happen in the future for which I have real concerns but I gave Justin a stern talk about that. He promised to do better. I then gave him a lollipop and we reminisced sabot the good old times with his commie father. I am satisfied that no clear indication that they aided the Liberal Party in particular. But for the conservatives on the other hand I recommend the RCMP and military fully investigate the entire party."

"I readily concede that there are many good and reasonable Canadians who could quite easily come to very different conclusions. Bite me"

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