A Contemptible Government Plays Politics With National Security

When Paul Rouleau "reluctantly" determined the Liberal government met the threshold for invoking the Emergencies Act, many of us with a keen eye for history knew this wasn't a precedent we wanted to establish. 

In fact, anyone with a sense of justice and perspective knew the invocation of the act was indefensible. 

But this is Canada and if there's one thing we've learned since 2020 about Canada is that it's cruel and that our judiciary is just as politicized as any institution. It has the further feature of hiding behind the concept of 'judicial notice'. 

Canadians, those who care anyway, are learning a lot about what's under the hood in Canada and what's being discovered isn't a high-powered engine but one filled with problems including a faulty transmission. The country has the look of a Maserati (maybe I'm stretching it here) but the engine of a rusted Lada.

Trust in the judiciary and allopathic medicine has dropped for many Canadians. Those in charge still aren't listening as they continue to foolishly believe the only way to handle this is to continue tripling down with authoritarian rhetoric and actions. Imagine we still have vaccine mandates in place for HCW despite all that we know about these failed shots.

We can add the government as a whole to the mix.

During the Trucker's Convoy, the government's untenable position was that it posed a threat to national security.

In recent weeks, we've learned the CCP has been influencing our elections and what's been reported is troubling enough but the problem likely goes far deeper and can't be explored in a post.

We need a full investigation into what is going on in Canada. Literally, foreign entities are operating on our soil undermining the sanctity of our democracy and our government likely (of course they did) knew about it. I've been hearing warnings about this since at least 2017. 

If I knew, they knew.

The opposition parties are demanding Trudeau's Chief of Staff Katie Telford (who rubbed me the wrong way during POEC) to testify. In a normal democracy run with integrity, the Liberals would allow it. Instead, they're stalling to avoid this from happening and thus putting national security in peril. A truly open and transparent government steps aside. 

The Liberal party of Canada is playing politics with national security. 

In their minds, truckers posed a threat but not the CCP. 

This is where we swing back to Rouleau's conclusion and why it was bad.

A government with despotic impulses like this one will take this rolling not to make Canada better by exploring ways to improve the Act and protect Canadian rights. Instead, it moved to do neither. Worse, it made into permanent law its worst offences including the right to freeze assets. Canada lost a piece of itself the day it was announced and Rouleau let it happen.  He could have sent an important message to this government - a flare. But in the end, his mission was to find a way to leave the Liberals off the hook.

With a government not being held to account in that episode, it's not surprising they will take a page from the tactics used at POEC. 

Canada's democracy (and science and medicine for that matter) is not in a good place. 

Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. 

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