Trade Offs: Fast And Furious And mRNA

I recently read "I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Kill you" by David T. Hardy. This is not a review of the book (though I highly recommend it to see how as long as there's no accountability, government agencies will keep repeating the same misguided ideas and policies that often fail and result in violent assaults and deaths on American citizens. It's a journey into how sheer corruption, incompetence, deception, and misplaced grandiosity in the government leads to tragedies like those seen at Waco with the Branch Davidians. The book investigates how the justice system is set up to protect the government however badly they behave.) but I wanted to single out a paragraph I think serves as an interesting analogy with what we're witnessing with the (failed) mRNA COVID mass vaccination program. 

"Ultimately, 2040 firearms were transferred to the cartels, mostly to the Sinaloa drug cartel. At least count, 389 had been recovered in the United States and 276 in Mexico, the latter mostly at crime scenes. The current, count of deaths inflicted by cartel gunmen in Mexico using Fast and Furious guns is sixty-nine, including a police chief and two policemen. How many American crimes the Fast and Furious guns figure in is unknown, but in 2011 alone these guns were used in eleven deadly offences."

Fast & Furious was a disastrous and ill-conceived gun-running operation undertaken by the (chess-playing) Obama administration. 

The idea was to get guns in the hands of the cartels so as to capture the bad guys. Or something to that dumb effect.

It was a spectacular mess. 

According to sources and witnesses presented in the book, the people in charge were more than willing to sacrifice lives for the program.

And sacrifice lives they did.

Showing the sociopathic nature and depravity of an unchecked bureaucracy that knows it can get away with literal murder.

Sound familiar?

Look at those figures. 2040 end up in the hands of the cartels. Only 600 are recovered. 69 killed (that we know of).

Remember this whenever they claim "X-million lives were saved by the vaccines'.


But how many were injured (both temporarily and permanently) or died from the shots?

The number of lives saved is often based on mathematical models and as such isn't reliable. But whatever the claim, it must be assessed with the trade-offs.

When we do conduct a cost-benefit analysis we see a negative trade-off.

Yet another failed government program is the result. 


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