War In Ukraine: The Ultimate Act Of Shameless And Treacherous Hypocrisy

I've already made the case on several occasions that the main culprits and agitators of this war is the West.  But let me summarize it briefly as a reminder.

The essential facts are the U.S. orchestrated the Maidan Coup in February of 2014 ousting an elected leader sympathetic to Russia. This sparked Russia to annex Crimea (always a hot spot in the region) from Ukraine. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the West has slowly been encroaching on Russia's sphere of influence courting Ukraine to join NATO in violation of a treaty whereby Russia requests NATO not do so as well as Ukraine violating the Minsk agreements as they continued a bombing campaign in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. All along Russia asked the agreements be honoured and to this day are requesting for peace talks which have been rejected by the United States (and Canada).

Why? One of the main reasons is the United States does not want Russia controlling the natural gas and oil supply in Europe which could lead to a strong partnership with Germany. Ukraine serves as the perfect pawn in a proxy war to keep that from happening. As well as the callous reality that this appears to be a massive money laundering operation. Ukraine is a quasi-democracy with 37 biolabs run by the U.S. and Western partners which the Russians see as threat.

NATO at its borders is perceived to be the final straw by Russia. Do you blame them?

With this, it's not hard to see we're the belligerents.

With these facts, remind me again how we're fighting for democracy 'over there so that we don't have to do it here' as Joe Biden recently said in the House of Commons during a visit to Ottawa?

Anyone who buys the 'for democracy' bit has to go boy a bridge somewhere. 

At the moment, the 'democracy' we're fighting for imprisons journalists, has banned opposition parties and is shutting down Churches (allegedly for being aligned with Russia) while parts of its 'military' contains actual Nazi battalions who act accordingly as Nazis do. 

But this is not where the hypocrisy ends.

China is forming an alliance with Russia (and pay close attention to the BRICS who are attempting to form their own global alliance against U.S. hegemony and the West) agreeing to, among other things, help to arm Russia.

Are we really prepared to go to war against these two powers? 

As I've said in the past, this is not a war the West can possibly win. Imposing sanctions is not going t achieve anything while it can be argued the United States military is at its weakest point in its history given the leadership and lower standards driven by ideological considerations. Curtly, Russia and China don't fear American wokism and the Wests false-righteous virtue. 

Russia will no be broken by sanctions. History matters here. This is the country that defeated two of the mightiest armies in history with Napoleon and Hitler. Not necessarily by shrewd traditional military tactics and strategy but by sheer force of attrition and patience.

If there's one thing we in the West don't possess it's patience.

The China angle complicates things further.

American and Western business have forged business and commercial ties with China. A good number of American politicians (Biden and McConnel for example) have business interests with China. The same goes for Canada. Our Laurentian elites, in fact, are far more embedded within the Chinese matrix than we think. The CCP is firmly entrenched in our politics with scant a concern expressed by our political classes and citizens.

I recently saw a CPAC segment where they asked Canadians what they thought politicians should ask Biden to deal with. They mentioned the usual issues from climate change to Roxham. 

No one mentioned China meddling in our political process and affairs. Something that has a DIRECT impact on our sovereignty as a nation.

Don't deal with this, you can't deal with other issues of concern as a free nation.

There's little doubt the China problem is real and deep. So much so, there's concern it could very well be too late to deal with it as this has been a going concern for decades now. From Pierre Trudeau to Brian Mulroney to Jean Chretien (who claims it's not a problem) to Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau (who admires China's 'basic dictatorship). All these Prime Ministers 'served' Canada while double dipping with a communist state.

American businessmen profited off World War II funding both sides of the war. The same thing is happening here. We 'fight for democracy' in Ukraine against Russia and China but continue to do business with China which is aligned with Russia - a country we impose sanctions on.

This is what I call the acts of treacherous shameless hypocrites.

And it will be our sons and daughters who will die for this racket. 

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