Update: Woke Montreal Mayor Postpones Halloween

I don't know what to think anymore.

We're literally an unthinking, emoting, scared shitless society now.

Mayor Plante has decided it makes sense to postpone Halloween today.

Talk about a state of confusion that wasn't necessary.

Green Plante (my nickname for her due to her hyper-green policies) should just focus on the mess that is Montreal construction and make sure all works are finished on time.

Halloween is October 31 come hell or high water. You can't just postpone it because of weather.

If it's bad, people will decide for themselves if they should go out. For the love of God, must government intervene on every level?


The big bad storm that scared Montreal and other municipalities enough to impractically postpone Halloween didn't come to pass...yet. But the weather is expected to be worse the next day. The weather could still take a turn for the worse and isn't great to begin with but it certainly didn't warrant government intervention. This is a classic case of nanny-statism hinged on the precautionary principle. An issue best left to the parents and not bureaucrats.

This in a province that holds the mantra 'il vaut en profiter' (we must take advantage) whenever the weather is such that we can be outdoors. My parents at the daycare are pretty testy and safe violent weather they want their kids outside as much as possible.

Mayor Green Plante Vert:

😬 Disons que l’ est un cas classique de « Damn if you do, damn if you don’t » Traduction libre: critiqué si on le fait, critiqué si on ne le fait pas 🤷🏻‍♀️

Except, this wasn't a damn if you do situation. It was clearly a don't. No one asked you to step in.
I don't understand this 'I support what you intended because of the safety of kids' angle. As if we can't do this ourselves. Some people just can't get enough of government babysitting. I don't harbour any anger towards Mayor Plante but I hope this serves as a lesson for here. M'es tes affaires as we say.
Here are some comments:
    • Replying to @Val_Plante
      Ou pas. Si vous ne faites rien, les parents des enfants sont capable de prendre des décisions eux même et surement meilleur que les votres concernant leur propres enfants.By update, they mean censoring speech.

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Il parait que l’année prochaine, tous les bonbons d’halloween devront etre bio, vegans, sans sucre ajouté et sans cholestérole. Sans compté que les costumes devront etre fait de matieres 100% recycler et recyclable et fait au quebec

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Franchement, je trouve aussi que les villes ont mieux à faire que de se mêler d’une fête d’halloween. Laisser nous juger de la sécurité de nos enfants. Merci

One final thought. We all make fun at how notorious weather predictions are wrong. If it says rain, bring sun glasses. Here, we have the added feature of a government official taking the weather prediction and attempting to micro-manage lives around Halloween. It was bound to be froth with potential unintended consequences.

And these people profess to *know* what needs to be done with climate change? Climate patterns are even more difficult to predict despite all the noise around it.

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