The Hypocritical Elitist Stupidity Of The DNC

So, the Democrat party unveiled it's new slogan.

'Better deal, better skills, better wages.'

Someone got paid for this.

It's interesting to note everything they stand for actually hurts the working and middles classes.

Obamacare didn't improve the average person's health insurance. It lowered the quality and increased prices substantially. And it's always worth noting how minimum wage (outside it's original racist roots) freezes low-skilled workers and kids out of the labour force. Do we have to also remind it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats who signed NAFTA impacting small town America XYZ? They called it progress but this is supposed to be the 'working man's' party.

I don't know if anyone noticed but the DNC is anything but.

All they are at this point is a party for the progressive elite with failed and stagnant left-wing ideas, ideals and policies.

They want to help the 'deplorables', eh?

So why to they want to review the Amazon-Whole Foods deal?

This is an incredible development in the age of internet business as it gives millions access to a company with limited locations that caters mostly to the well to-do.

Just what you want, the likes of Pelosi and Schumer speaking for those icky people.

Right off the bat, their slogan doesn't square with their actions.

Which makes them, well, full of shit.

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