Rotten Britain

The death of Charlie Gard is an outrageous event in modern Western culture.

I've been reading comments of people who defended the decision to let Charlie die.

For me, it's an example of how depraved progressive logic in the defence of public health has become.

This is not compassion nor is it reason. It's flat out an example of bureaucrats deciding for others who gets to live and die and how they die and death panels.

No one who makes such a decision shouldn't get to hide behind progressive, anti-humanist jargon. They should put their name to it, explain the decision and own it. Being a faceless bureaucrat making such decision is about as low an act one can get to me.

If these people - or a loved one - were to contract a serious disease you can bet your fucken bottom dollar they'd do what was necessary to seek treatment.

It's enough for me to spit in their faces for their hypocrisy.

On a human level the British courts should have let these people be and do what they needed to do for their child.

Instead, it stuck it's rotten nose in their affairs and showed the degeneracy of a British society.

As I mentioned in a previous post, sadly, they same could possibly happen in most Western countries (especially the hyper-secular Scandinavians who exist vicariously through a welfare state) including Canada.

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