Canada Hands Khadr $10 Million; Europe And Trudeau Deserve Each Other

Let's do a little exercise here.

Aside from the fact the Trudeau government is a bit of a joke (oh Marc Garneau or what art thou!?) jam packed with just about any vacuous cliche you can think of, they also authored a most grotesque settlement (along with an apology) with Omar Khadr. To say I'm thoroughly angered with giving him $10 million of our money is an understatement. To a family how have made clear where their allegiances lie and now they get to laugh in the faces of Canadians? Why so much money anyway?

The excuses propped up in defence of this decision ring hollow for me.

So, this was orchestrated by the conductor of all things diverse and pure - that vain individual we call a PM flaunting his pecks every chance he could as he ensures himself an opulent life of our dime.

But to Europeans, he's like a, um, god. How a continent could be smitten by such an obviously short sighted, temperamental average thinker is beyond me to understand or even quell. Unless of course they themselves have cynically succumbed to the pop culture flavouring - loaded with extra MSG - of politicians.

And for his wonderful troubles of basically signalling to other budding Khadrs in our midst, Edinburgh university in Scotland felt it appropriate to bestow upon him an honorary degree.

Hey, at least they waited a couple of years before throwing this bone at Commodus's feet, right? As opposed to the Nobel committee who jumped the gun letting the blind emotions hand over a peace prize to Obama who only, you know, dropped 100 000 bombs during his tenure making him about as ruthless an American president as we've seen.

School principal Timothy O'Shea (not to be confused with Principal Skinner) handed him the little piece of paper in a ceremony of pomposity only disconnected elites could present.

What I don't get is how intellectuals don't see right through the emptiness of Trudeau? Aren't they supposed to protect the halls of intellectualism by not, well, doing shit like this?

I've yet to see, read or heard single utterance from this twit in two years and here's a university in Scotland making him an honorary student? Europe and Trudeau make for lovely bed fellows. But they can keep me out of that bed.

Then they wonder why people are cynics. The average person isn't an idiot and still more are getting a little tired of people being celebrated for nothing.

The whole process stinks of vapid nonsense at this point.

Give everyone a ribbon!

The Liberal party had a chance to elect Marc Garneau during their leadership race. Instead, fearing Trudeau would be elected, they asked Garneau to 'step down'. What do I mean? It seems the party was concerned electing a drama teacher over an astronaut would lead to bad optics.

No kidding.

And now we see in plain, plump real time what it brought.

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