CNN Goes After....Meme. Leaves Itself Open To Mocking Forevermore

The scumbags who run CNN are showing where their priorities are. In the latest example of their Trump Derangement Syndrome that has seen them lie repeatedly and act like a bunch of shitstained morons, they now are threatening freedom of speech by going after some person who pulled that anti-CNN clip with Trump wrestling.

They even are reporting it as if it's some sort of major story and attack on their - giggle - *integrity.

How anyone can stand to watch that stupid news network is beyond me.

Think about this. They threatened to dox someone for a meme.

Sounds like blackmailing to me.

Worse, they probably scared the person as the clip has come down. I'd consider suing them.

I truly hope the market of creativity reacts with a chorus of memes that mocks CNN forever more. And it looks like it's become.

Fuck off CNN.

That's the gist of this post.


"The Committee to Protect Journalists said in a statement this week that the tweet “undermines the work of the media in the U.S. and makes it more dangerous.” CNN said in a statement that the tweet “encourages violence against reporters.”
No, it doesn't. But you know who did truly impact your profession negatively?
Obama. The same guy you jerkoffs refused to report on and he proceeded to treat you like whores. You and you only undermine your work. This is why people are increasingly shutting you out.
Updated: Reports suggest CNN threatened to Dox the wrong guy. Good job guys.

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