Canada's 150th Celebration A Dud

Someone asked me what I did on Canada Day and thought of the 150th celebration.

To the former, I stayed home with the family as the weather was doing its best to keep us guessing and to the latter, it was a dud.

And it was a dud because what little I caught of the celebration on TV in Ottawa and other places including Montreal it was more of that empty nationalism on full display.

Never mind of the lame and awkward presentations and speeches - usually laced with the usual and tiresome diversity stuff. Increasingly, the Liberals are embracing this over played 'we took land from the Natives look how cool we are trying to guilt you into accepting whatever it is we're trying to be cool about.

There was no grand, unifying message of Canada; of being Canadian. It's hard to have one when the government gave Khadr $10 million for being a terrorist. Talk about raining down on a celebration. How can you be proud when your government apologizes to a family who have made their feelings clear about what they think of this country?

Who am I kidding? I despise the Liberals and their progressive agenda.

As if that bit of pooping wasn't enough, there was more of that 'we celebrate Canada without whites' the left have come to enjoy. Justin, for his part,  was at his typical superficial, hyper politically-correct, banal-self yapping on about a *vision* of Canada (while forgetting a province in the process) that seems to be his only because clearly many Canadians ain't biting. Particularly if the turn out on Parliament Hill is any indication. You would think, if not for symbolism, 150 000 people would show up instead it's been reported 25 000 did.

This is what you get when you beat down the majority trying to make us feel guilty for whatever social justice cause du jour. Of course, this is spun as people being 'xenophobic' and calling them names like we saw in the U.S. when Hillary tagged some of her own compatriots as 'deplorables'.

She wanted to lead despite such contempt for a segment of the population? Absurd and preposterous.

It's all so tiresome.

And pathetic. All this.

Canadians have noticed.

150th? I enjoyed with my family. My ode to the Canadian identity. It's all we've got at the moment while the government engages in SJW nonsense.

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