Join The Dark Side

Hey man, are you spinning around dazed and confused wondering what in the fuck your progressive left-wing friends and family are yapping on about like a bunch of crazed, hysterical loons? Tired of having to listen to the apocalyptic left cackle on and on about how we're racist and all gonna die because of climate change and how shitty we are as a civilization because of Trump, the lack of diversity, slavery, killing Indians (Natives), not paying people a living wage and that we're all misogynistic racists who do nothing but make crude, churlish jokes while giving the Hitler salute and Mussolini raised chin?

I know I've grown tired of listening to all the pitter patter of ignorance from the left as they brand us all enemies of the state. If they could mark us for death they would.

Die denier!

Well, if you're weary and afraid (likely because they cut you from Facebook. Quite frankly, you're richer for it) come to our side.

The classical liberal  side. Which happens to include libertarians and conservatives who remain the only adults in the room.

We're smarter, more informed and far, far, friendlier and we won't unfriend you for your beliefs or positions. Doing so is anti-humanist and anti-intellectual and points to a shallow and superficial mindset. We accept your thoughts and ideas even if we may disagree. The exchange of ideas and free discourse is the essence of intellectual development.

Leave the swamp. They're not right in the head at the moment.

Come to pristine waters.

We're just....better.

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