Mental Illness

What does mental illness look like if you could read it? Well....

Since we're living in Orwellian times (passports and vaccines are liberty!), people can't see they're experiencing tyranny. And to some, obedience is a virtue.

This despicable act is a direct product of a weak and delusional society. One in which that was easily manipulated and bamboozled into a failing experimental injection that now requires multiple shots. That was the end game. All these epidemiologists and infectious disease doctors remain on TV hammering the same, stale propaganda as they now promote boosters.

You failed with the lockdowns, masks and passports. You took you two shots (and got lucky it didn't hurt you). Now's your chance to tell the government it's enough. Don't play. 

Here's a little fun fact for you who believe masks have done anything. People wore masks for a few months during the Spanish flu in a handful of cities. Studies showed they didn't work. We're well past one year and counting for a far less deadlier virus. Let that sink in.

Don't take that this shot. Go research it. The internet is FILLED with legitimate and valid information providing details not provided by media. The media can ignore, censors and chastise all they want, but real informed consent is being provided by courageous professionals telling the truth everywhere outside the dark realm of legacy and social media. 

The conspiracy theorists laid all this out to the final point in Match of 2020. So prescient they were, it's clear much of this was likely indeed all planned. 


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