Ignorance Is Not Acceptable

 This mask obsession has to stop.

I was at a store today and happened to lower my mask under my chin and was told to put it back on at the store. I refused.

At some point, enough is enough.

I got a glimpse into the mindset of people regarding these useless amulets.

I was told it 'protects us all and will end the pandemic'.

Could you believe 21 months on and this outrageously stupid thinking still persists?

People are so riddled with fear, lies and propaganda they can't how foolish they sound by assuming this to be fact and declaring it publicly.

This is a sad state of psychological affairs.

And I lay the direct blame on all public officials, and medical and academic establishment for the health crisis of this kind they've unleashed on the civil order.

All for a piece of cloth and material that does nothing.

Isn't about time they educate the public and start the process of ending this stupid hysteria?

Until they do, I consider all scientists that peddle this unscientific garbage as quacks and shills.

Every single one of them and they know who they are.

As for the people, ignorance is not a defence and it's not acceptable. It is the height of irresponsible behaviour to keep consenting and listening to officials who clearly do not know what they're doing or saying. There is a mountain of literature out there explaining how masks serve little purpose.

It really isn't that hard. All it take is for people to just take the time to learn, get off the science-terrorist plantation and find the courage to push back. 


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