Modern Medicine Embracing Pseudoscience And Quackery

Exhibit One.

Canadian diagnosed with suffering from 'climate change'.

File under: Making shit up as we go along. Subset of "Inventing definitions of terms that don't fit political narratives" and agenda. See CDC.

Throughout the ages, bad ideas tend to be the ones that spread the quickest and die the hardest.

Expect this one to spread. 

The new breed of doctors seem to be less focused on wisdom and the art of observational healing and more into activism. That is taking a perceived threat in the natural world and assigning 'disease' to the patient. 'Oh, poor you. You down with the mumps? I tell ya, that climate change is a dirty dog.  I tell ya more, there oughta be a vaccine against climate change. But for now, go home, rest until the carbon tax increases and all is electric. Did you see this pill Merck came up with? It's called 'Clichakaching'. Try it and call me next week when the fires intensify."

Sometimes we just have to stop accepting what doctors say concluding, 'well. they're the doctors. They must know and see something we don't' and just call out, well, the bull shit they engage in.

Doctors can be quacks you know. 

In Plato's Republic "To stand in need of the medical art through sloth and intermperate diet...obliging the skillful sons of Ascelpius to invent new names of diseases, such as dropsies and cattarbs, do you think this abominable?"

I do.

Dr. Kyle Merritt (from B.C. of course. Outside Quebec, where else do these things come from?) seems like a nice enough fellow, what, with him posting nice family photos of them in the natural beauty of British Columbia. It all seems so normal.

He's also a climate activist- which isn't bad in of itself. Hey, if you feel man can stop Mother Nature go right ahead. I suppose we can make some adjustments to our lives, but to believe we're the sole or majority cause of it is to be filled with the usual hubris that pollutes man's mind.

Climate changes. Always did. Always will. Long after Kyle.

When "action" becomes quackery. 

Then we have a huge problem.

And make no mistake about it. Mother Nature decides and will have last say. 

Covid has given superstition a new lane. 


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