Dutch Quackery

The Dutch have moved into the pole position for biggest quacks in the West. It's a tight race at the moment between Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (I put them in since they're part of the Commonwealth) and Holland.

Most of the United States, despite its own despicable mandates and other issues, is in a slightly better spot than other countries. Particularly Florida thanks to the steady hand and leadership of De Santis as well as states like South Dakota, Texas and Georgia. New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California are the opposite. As for Canada, the entire country is a cess pool of pseudoscientific cowardice. 

Anyway. Dutch experts are encouraging Western Europe go into lockdown....again. Despite the massive literature on the catastrophic damage lockdowns cause on HUMANITY, 21 months later and the incompetent buffoons still ask for more. At this point it's not a question of its criminal. It IS criminal.

It's mental illness. Straight up.

I'm sure that will do wonders for 'vaccine hesitancy'.

So we're clear. The WHO strongly advises against lockdowns (indeed, it's not backed by science) and vaccinating children. 

If this won't shake normies out of their obedient slumber, nothing will.


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