Vaccination Of Children: You're Being Misguided And Mislead

You're not doing this based on sound reason and science.

You'e being told and terrorized into it for political and financial reasons.

The vaccination of children for Covid-19 is a mass miscalculation of the highest order.

There is no gain here to be made other than the threaten their natural immunity and perhaps leave them exposed to future diseases. A basic tenet of immunology, I've learned, is if an infectious disease doesn't harm a healthy population, you let it infect. In fact, permitting an infectious diseases into the body the immunity that is capable of dealing with it is healthy as it purges the body of all toxins while it fights off the disease. 

All because of a panic. 

Worse, putting your trust in a felonius company like Pfizer. If you think the trials were fraud, I wouldn't be surprised if they're outright lying about the trials in children. 

These experimental jabs go straight to the heart. Literally. It is an act of psychotic stupidity for the medical establishment to then wonder why. 

There is no emergency. Thy want to stop you from playing sports going to the restaurants or whatever? So be it. They want your kids for an experiment. Some are just delusional and irresponsible. Whatever it is, those things are not worth sacrificing a child's health over.

Draw your damn lines in the sand already. Or else they will....never....stop. 

Psychopaths never.....stop.

Ask yourself: How come have they NEVER presented you with any contextualized facts and evidence other than barking orders from above? 

Masks, lockdowns and mass vaccination.

All products of a moral panic.

Protect your children.

Don't be shamed. Stay strong.

Be that mother. 


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