A Friendly Reminder Of What Happens When Man Has Nothing Left To Lose

 "The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of "Men who wanted to be left Alone".

They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.
They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.
The moment the "Men who wanted to be left Alone" are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.
Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these "Men who wanted to be left Alone", fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives.
They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.
TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy... but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the "Men who just wanted to be left alone."

I first came across this quote a couple of years ago and recalled it here given the circumstances. The author is unknown but it's pretty much an axiom of human nature.

Governments are indeed pushing their citizens and slowly over playing their hands. It would appear they may even over play it.

If all this 'global reset' nonsense is true, then this is nothing more than a declaration of war on the citizens on the world by a group of elites looking to radically alter the world and consolidate power into one super structure under their command and control.

Whatever it is, one thing history shows us is that the quote above is true and all but assured. Once you take away a man's right to live as he sees fit and to live in peace and freedom, you take away dignity.

Lockdowns, masks and passports are just scratching the surface of how it probably angered people. Officials are under estimating it as these futile measures are still being discussed among academics and politicians. Sometimes used unethically to coerce people into an unwanted medical procedure.

The lions are getting angry and hungry.

The politicians are too cowardly, deaf and arrogant to hear the slow roar.

Be ready.

We should not tolerate another minute of this authoritarianism. 


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