Bourla Gets Into Gaslighting

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, probably aware his company is being labelled as a criminal drug cartel enterprise (if the shoe fits), decided he's gonna go on the offensive in an interview with the Atlantic Council and make some remarkable and unsubstantiated claims.

Why not? His Covid product is one big experimental fraud.

Among other things, he outrageously claimed the pandemic will end once everyone gets vaccinated and that those who don't are causing the deaths of millions.

Unlike the tens if not hundreds (and even perhaps millions) killed or maimed by the experimental injection right?

Here's the bottom line.

The vaccines work for c couple of months - hence the boosters - with significant drop off in efficacy. When all is said and done, let's guess, it will be as 'effective' as the flu shot. And we know how useless those things are. 

It's a marvel how a product with an average efficacy rate of 30% as flu vaccines continue to be sold and administered.

Most things with a 30% success rate - read, 70% failure rate - get pulled or simply don't sell.

Not vaccines. Nope. 30% is better than nothing but in reality 30% when weighed against risks are really not much to brag about.

This configuration is going to be even more stark with the mRNA injections. 

I'm on record as asserting the vaccines are already a monumental failure.

I stand by.

It's time to force a debate and discussions about vaccines.

This 'settled science' is rather all too unsettling now that people are beginning to view them as a means to a medical end willing to cease and remove rights.

Time for such people to present their facts because from where I sit, all I see is 'shut up and listen to your betters. How dare you question your scientific overlords?'

Easy. A) I don't roll that way and B) I'm not enamoured with scientists like thoughtless political ideologues and lazy minds do. 

Place 'MD' next to your name isn't enough to garner trust and respect to me.

Especially after the diabolical travesty I've seen since March of 2020 from the medical and science class.

They're clearly an easy bunch to bribe. No wonder pharma is having their way. With capos like these on the payroll, it's a cinch. 


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