Quebec: Latest Round Of Lies And Extortion Has Begun

Legault is a sinister man.

I don't say this lightly.

He is.

He's up to no good. 

He has Quebec embarked on whatever this 'build back better' or global reset plan is about. Maybe he has no choice. I don't know. But whatever it is, they have no intentions of restoring our rights. That should be clear to anyone with a sober thought at the moment.

Forget Skippy the Science writer from McGill or whatever. This is not about science or public health.

It's about CONTROL. 

It's not conspiratorial. It's how it's playing out. They're conspiring to keep people on this vaccine schedule to institute a draconian way of life through passports and lockdowns.

The conspiracy theorists were 100% correct all along. So far.

While the majority of people in Canada - possibly the most gullible, naive and foolish country in the West -  continue to not realized what's in play and stake, Europeans have taken the fight step further as the protests are slowly escalating in violence. People are realizing governments have no intention of restoring rights they stole. In fact, they're looking to FURTHER rob people of their liberties.

For your health of course.

I don't know how more I can describe this. They're STEALING our freedoms.

When a politician comes and says, 'Measures are lifted only if you vaccinate' that's extortion and it undermines your medical autonomy and neuters informed consent. By adding passports, the criminals in charge were deceptively clever because they're not giving you a choice and thus it eliminates or at least circumnavigates informed consent.

They put you in a corner. 

The latest thread coming from Legault, the airline businessman tin pot dictator of a banana republic, is measures only drop if 80% of the 5-11 group is injected with the experimental gene therapy. 

Where have we heard this before? Carrot and stick routine. Except it's a bait and switch. Look at Europe. That's where things are headed here.

Wake up.

Fascism is defined as the merger of state and corporate power.

This is EXACTLY what we have with the pharma-state alliance in North America.

We're in trouble. This is not alarmist.

It's fact.

Only way out is to fight.

Wheels are in motion on the legal side, but this takes time and because of the laughable and cynical state of  emergency powers in place, courts are reluctant to challenge governments. 

Once that ends, hopefully without any usurping established law where they sneak in some language to give themselves permanent power as Australia and New Zealand are attempting, we will not relent. We will bring all actors before a court to explain themselves.

Do not be surprised if we head into lockdown or more restrictions despite high vaccination rates. At that point, that's your cue to realize the vaccines were never going to be the solution. Do not embark on the booster program. And do not buy the lie that it's 10% or less of the population prolonging the pandemic. That in of itself, assuming people are exercising what's left of their critical skills, should sound the alarm. Especially considering the vaccines aren't there to halt transmission (though it can break the chain of infections temporarily) and that the vaccinated do transmit. So the scapegoating of the unvaccinated is just unconscionable and cynical politics and dangerous rhetoric. Don't be manipulated into believing it. 

Draw your lines. Set your principles down. Hold that line. 

This is my duty. My life now.

For what good is life if you live in fear and a slave to Francois Legault? 

To that I say fuck him and fuck that.


Join us.


Legault's populist hockey plan is a distraction. His plan is to subvert the Quebec people. This is a fake bone to the people showing he cares about what they hold dear. It softens his nefarious plot by taking eyes off it.

He's a poor man's Machiavelli. A small timer. A two-bit political hack and hoodlum. 

That's all he is.

But he's popular. Quebec do love them a good demagogue. It's in the DNA. 


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