Tyranny Of The Minority

It's abundantly clear two things are at play.

One, idiot and weak politicians playing tough through unethical and illegal mandates are designing 'policy by polling' and the other is a dysfunctional and incompetent medical bureaucracy is calling the shots.

I don't see how anyone with a sober mind would see it any other way.

These people aren't trying their best in a tough situation. Maybe in 2020 this could have been said with a straight face but not in 2021. Not with the mountains and hills of literature and evidence at our disposal from natural immunity, to children and schools being safe to masks being completely ineffective but harmful, to lockdowns leaving a trail of catastrophic unintended, but foreseeable, consequences, to the experimental injections causing great harm for little benefit lasting a few months, to the damage caused to our liberties and democracy.

Now, we're in Nuremberg 2 territory because they insist on doubling and tripling down for pure power, control and political expediency.

We're long past 'following the science' and into a brawl with our governments for 'public health'.

Clearly, whatever data and polling they're using is showing people like this paternalistic approach. It's pathetic but part of a circular rut we can't break out of. Fear is its own propeller now. After 21 months of shameless shilling and quackery from our public and private health officials and the media as well as opportunistic politicians, people have been conditioned into a state of Stockholm Syndrome. 

A minority of people who cling to their mouth amulets and still remarkably accept dated, debunked and disgraced 'lockdown measures' are what's driving this hysteria. 


Climate change.

Woke social justice.

These are new religions. Cults even.

They are tyranny of the mob and minority.

See that light? 

Hear that sound?

That's Western civilization collapsing. 

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