It Is Your Duty To Disobey

Now is the time you need to be true to yourself.

I've grown increasingly worried and shocked by Canadians and their consistent determination to consent to unjust dictums and unscientific decrees.

Thoreau wrote civil disobedience is required to end unjust laws.

Canadians are living a 'conditional' life of liberty and if we don't demand an end to such measures, it threatens to become a permanent stain on our lives.

In other words, we cease to be free and in a democracy.

Follow your instincts. You have every right to question. It is the essence of keeping liberty nourished.

Stop looking at things through the narrow prism of a virus that does no threaten our species.

Start to looking beyond yourself. As I've always said here, compliance and consent is false virtue. It's cowardice by other means.

You should not be consenting to passports on any level. It should be the line in the sand. We should all have common ground here.

At the moment we do not as Canadians continue to accept fear and the nasty, divisive rhetoric not just of public officials but media as well. 

It is your - our - duty to disobey and restore our liberty.

Your individual rights matter.

And don't be fooled and manipulated into thinking otherwise.


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