Fauci: A Criminal Mind

Came across this urgent letter from Fauci today.

In it, makes a statement that true, competent experts and scientists have been warning about for over one year. These courageous people have been censored, silenced and expelled from getting their warnings out on social media. They include: Dr. Fleming, Dr. Montagnier, Dr Bridle, Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Malone, Dr. McCollough and others. Remember these names.

But the one who has been the most precise and detailed has been Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. An obscure Belgian scientist who has repeatedly explained the foolishness and dangers of a mass vaccination program administered during a pandemic and particularly with an 'experimental' one with no human track record which he considers to be the absolute wrong recipe.

His assertion in a nutshell is these vaccines can't and won't work and will inevitably create potentially deadlier variants (framing it by blaming the unvaccinated is not only unscientific and wrong, but dangerous with all sorts of horrific implications for society in terms of civil rights and the civl order). Several experts have added these vaccines are so dangerous, toxic and filled with garbage it will arguably and possibly ruin the immune system and cause all sorts of (dormant and otherwise) diseases and ailments including HIV, Alzheimer's and of course myocarditis (which is a permanent disease that is not 'mild') and autoimmune diseases. Once the vaccines wane - as predicted - manufacturers will embark on an insidious campaign of 'booster' shots (read: Chasing variants) they can't possibly keep up with. 

All we're going to do is prolong the strength of the virus while doing great harm to millions of people. Worse, millions of healthy  people who, if left to be infected, would like defeat the virus and get robust natural immunity lasting years. Instead, we interfered and eradicated that opportunity humans have always had for thousands and thousands of years.

It is a mind boggling miscalculation of epic proportions. And as Vanden Bossche has noted, impossible people in positions of authority did not understand these basic tenets of virology. Too many incompetent, corrupted, fraudulent buffoons have been at the helm and this time their idiocy may cost humanity is ways we can't imagine.

For there is still a darker side to this. The one part of the equation not yet manifest according to him, Bhakdi, and Yeadon in particular is the threat of ADE and a mass death incident. 

This is a how serious it is.

Vanden Bossche et al, in recent months have said it's too late for adults but were begging and pleading to not mass vaccinate children. At the very least, we'd have a chance to spare and repair the species through them given they posed no and were not in danger from Covid. What did the authorities decide to do? Continue this mass psychosis of vaccination and went after the one demographic least vulnerable. It is truly an act of despicable irresponsibility. This has taken on a face of a cult.

Even the WHO is now compelled to step in and voice concern over this booster campaign (recall two leading scientists at the FDA resigned over the decision of the White House to over turn a 16-2 vote to not move ahead with boosters)  while warning against vaccinating children. 

Some countries and regions are getting the picture and have banned Moderna for under 30 year olds. They include: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, France and Ontario. Taiwan added Pfizer. 

This is NOT a joke. Parents need to take control of their kids and challenge paediatricians who are likely bullying them into taking these dangerous injections. In Montreal, a poll showed 67% of people believe vaccines should be made mandatory for schools. This is the result of a population that's been deceived and manipulated into a position formed by a sustained campaign of fear and propaganda through public officials, health experts and media. Each have conspired to fray the economy and social order.

It is why this blog took the position from the onset masks were a symbol far deeper than they could imagine. Still they parade thinking the amulets protect them.

So, as we see at the moment, infection rates are exploding in highly vaccinated places from Southern Belgium to Austria to Michigan and still they peddle 'it's ok! Deaths and hospitalizations are low!" except that line was hopelessly temporary and was never going to be sustained or meaningful. It's so short, the data on it is limited if not already dated. There never was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. But now we have a pandemic of the vaccinated - and it threatens to engulf everyone. The only hope here is if they're wrong and perhaps the virus weakening on its own and we come out of it. But judging from Fauci's latest proclamations, sounds like he's worried. Maybe he shouldn't have funded gain of function research in the first place. 

History will judge those who did not mask up and get vaccinated as people who kept their senses and refused to bend to the hysteria of the mob and government. They will be vindicated but for now, as the vaccine roll out slowly morphs into a man-made disaster, the unvaccinated will face increasingly persecution as government and the public will need to lash out and scapegoat someone.

So blinded in their incoherent trust in low-quality medical injections, they're willing to hurt their friends, family and neighbours refusing to accept they were bamboozled and lied to by a scientific cabal of assholes.

Enter Fauci. Fauci has repeatedly lied to the American and international public and Congress. He was the only face and voice accepted by a lazy media. No alternate views were permitted. 

In the article, he states he had hoped the virus would be eradicated. How does a man who has been the head of NIH as an infectious disease expert come to believe a coronavirus could be eradicated through a mass vaccination program? From the onset it was declared the virus was going to become endemic and the 7th strain of the common cold. He had to have known this. He knew it was going to behave like a flu both in mortality and seasonality. We never eradicated influenza and we were even further away with coronaviruses. 

Something is not adding up with this man and we won't know until he's investigated. 

Either Fauci knew all along this was the play and the idea was to get people on a 'booster for life' program because he ruined their immunity (which makes him the most evil man in history) or he's that useless an incompetent and petty man and was just incapable of understanding what he was doing.

In either scenario, Fauci doesn't come off looking good. 

This is a man, if this virus goes off the rails, who must be arrested and investigated for crimes against humanity.

The vaccines were never going to be the answer. And this blog said so all along starting in March of 2020.


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