Canada Betting On The Wrong Horse: China Is Not Going To Win The Economic Battle With The United States

If one thing became apparent during Covid is the 'Europeanization' of Canada. Canada is so allergic and afraid of giving the impression they're close with the United States, it will adopt policies, business practices and an economic philosophy strictly to show 'we're not American.'

In this way, China serves as an opportunity to put this childish and impractical belief into practice. 

See, for Canada China can be used as leverage to pretend we're independent from the U.S. but in reality all we're doing is acting as useful idiots for China.

The parochial short-sightedness of Canadian officials should not surprise anyone. After all, Justin and Chrystia are the top two decision makers at the moment. Neither have proven to be stellar stalwarts and bastions of intellectualism and sound judgment.

This is a government for and by ideologues. And at every turn, they've shown this to be the case. From its climate policies to its social justice rhetoric.

All vapid gibberish not conducive to building a free, independent and strong economy.

Canada wants to 'reimagine' things but as it stands, it's just an abstract surreal glut of incoherent platitudes.

Canada, for some strange inexplicable reason, rather than be thankful of having the benefit of being neighbours with the most powerful, innovative and dynamic economy in world history, chooses to take it for granted like a petulant child.

A bunch of immature dilettante slow witted elitists run this country.

Canadians seem to recoil at success bred into them by a corporate media owned by a couple of families and one public broadcaster. In fact, I'm not sure Canadians even understand what it takes to be competitive and successful since we've been operating a in monopolistic-mercantilist economy (run by ostensibly six banks but it's really one - Canada Inc. Bank. Same with insurance, telecom and oil and gas.. All governed by monopolies. There's some competition and choices but not much. By contrast, the stream of choices in the USA floods consumers. Retail is even worse)  and mental state since 1867. Add its hopeless old boys network of patronage, nepotism allowing for easy access for lobbyists to prey upon their greed and protectionism and you have mediocrity supreme.

Canadian firms are conservative to the point it hampers their ability to innovate. We always look to see what the Americans do and then react which makes us laggards. But Canadians are good at pretending we're ahead of the curve nonetheless. 

Why? Mostly because Canadians leave it to the government to 'spur' economic growth. It's not how it works. In the USA, growth and dynamism begins at the bottom with the people. In Canada, we wait for 'investment' projects. We see this in the U.S. as well, but it's only tangent to the real business activity happening independent of government. In Canada it all runs through a government racket. 

It's well known Canadians take forever to make or take decisions. I have an American friend who had a product to sell and requested a meeting with Health Canada. He had answers from several governments including Saudi Arabia, Brazil and the USA before he even heard a word from Health Canada. We work at the pace of a Mediterranean country only better organized and with poorer weather.

We're just too timid. We need a serious shift in mentality if we're to ever realized our untapped and unrealized potential and possibilities.

Constantly navel gazing and measuring ourselves against America is infantile, pointless and counter-productive. 

The decision making process is key on the international stage. Time costs money and there's too much inefficiency obsessed with 'the process' in Canada. By the time, a request gets digested though the 'process', competitors have already jumped on board whatever edge they could get leaving a puff of smoke in our faces.

With all this, expect this 'Build back better' nonsense to back fire. Justin can't run a lemonade stand so I don't see how he's going to build anything better. It is true our system could use some tweaking and fixing but not what these people have planned.

I don't see how building back should, for example, restrict rights as some of their proposal seem to do.

And is it not a tad odd all countries are using the same slogan? It's a global reset and I'm not so sure it's to our benefit. 

Above all, Canada seems to constantly be signalling that our future is tied to China. I reject this and think it would be wise to stand with the United States. China is simply not a good fit for free and open democracies. At the end of the day, the CCP is a communist party and it appears we're not realizing this salient point.

In the long run, bet on America. She's not done just yet. She's on her knees at the moment, but she's agile, brilliant, dynamic, innovative, and capitalized to turn the ship around.

First, order of business. Take the House and Senate away from the Democrats to neuter Brandon's incoherent policies.

Things aren't good in the USA and it's directly correlated to the policies of this administration. They squandered the momentum of the previous economy and ran it into the first lamp post they saw.

Canada should pay close attention and resist the temptation to ever align with China.

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