Where We Are

The NIH, FDA and CDC are so off the charts derelict at the moment it not only reflects poorly on them but the White House as well and ultimately the American people who need to start paying close attention to what's happening in these agencies that don't just impact America but the world.

So far they've moved the goal posts and/or changed the definitions of:

-What is herd immunity.

-What is a vaccine.

-That the vaccines will achieve herd and thus end the pandemic.

-Natural immunity.

-Two shots and boosters and what it means to be vaccinated. Recall, Quebec used the term 'adequate' suggesting they knew all along and are in on the racket. 

-Efficacy of the vaccines.

-What the metrics are to end the pandemic. E.G. it was herd now it's a more nebulous 'deaths'.


And this is scratching the surface. It's a blessing we have places like The Highwire and investigative journalists Sheryl Atkinson - among so many others - keeping watch on this disastrous train wreck.

The question now is: Why?

Money is one thing for sure. But there has to be more.

We need an army of citizen journalists and guards to take the fight to the people who charged with protecting the public but seem to he doing the bidding for someone else.

Tony Fauci in particular is the biggest moron on the planet and needs to be FIRED and then INVESTIGATED. 

Nuremberg 2 is a must. It's the only way to repair the mess these people have unleashed on free and peaceful people.

In Canada, we know who the people are.


Europe continues its mass psychosis of restrictions. This time, the people are protesting and violence is escalating in places like Holland, Germany, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and France.

So far, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Portugal have avoided the mayhem. 



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