The Brandon-Obama Administration Is Rogue

Remember how the media and Democrats constantly accused Trump of being 'rogue'?

Recall how this blog kept reminding this was all projection on their part.


Let's take a glance at the Brandon-Obama administration shall we?

-Under Trump China was under check. Under Team BO, it's testing international patience.

-Under Trump there was peace in the Middle-East. Now we see tensions rising including between Iran and Israel.

-Under Trump, the U.S. saw the greatest economic period in the post-war era, under Team Useless, we see rising inflations, supply chain issues and a teetering economy.

-Under Trump, the border was under control and the wall was being constructed. Under Team Anti-America, it's never been worse as illegal migrants have flood into the county at a record pace.

Under Trump, free speech and the press were never under attack. Under Team Bonkers, censorship has expanded and the press has further consolidated into being an extended arm of the Democrat party.

-There was no Russian collusion under Trump. Instead, as we suspected all along, the Durham investigation is all but confirming it was the Democrats and Hilary all along.

But there are two key issues that reveal how lawless this administration is.

One, was the White House, despite recommendation against doing so in 16-2 vote, ignored the 'science' of the FDA and rolled-out boosters. This precipitated the resignation of the FDA's top two scientists with a combined experience of 75 years who were concerned the White House was not being prudent.

The other is the recent decision by a Federal judge issuing a cessation of the vaccine mandates to which, again, the Biden administration promptly ignored and instructed companies to continue illegally imposing mandates.

They went over a Federal judge and the FDA. So much for the rule of law and science, eh?



Just imagine.

If Trump did this. 


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