Times, They Change


And for the record, I do think downloading is shameless and illegal. I don't blame kids. They take their cue from their parents and society at large. Someone failed to explain to them, along the line, it's not cool and here's why...

Instead, all we hear are all sorts of lame excuses (the record companies make a killing and are evil, evil I tell you! Like how my cousin rationalized committing credit card fraud by asserting credit card companies have slush funds for fraud anyway. The thing he failed to compute was they past those losses along to other credit users) to justify their activity. The bottom line is you're stealing from a writer or artist. It's no different than stealing a pack of cigarettes or cards or chocolate bar.

Ethics, and the teachingof, is needed more than ever. It doesn't sound like parents are taking control either.


  1. If you want to support an artist, see them live (and if they never tour near you, move out of the sticks you damn hillbilly). If you want to line the pockets of label executives, buy the CD. If only I could figure out a way to cut Ticketmaster out of the concert equation.

    You know how to get people to buy CD's? Include a couple joints or some E. Those things will fly off the shelf.

  2. How much they make off a CD? A penny?

  3. Artists make a penny, or two if they have a great agent. Since it costs about 41 cents to actually make a CD... you do the math. Sure, some gooes to the guy driving the trucks... but they're not getting even a penny's worth off each one. Add to this the fact that CD's have gone up in price, and my sympthy isn't with the people making the CD's, it's with the record stores that are stuck selling a shitty product.

    Notice how they have resorted to selling drug paraphenalia? Clearly they took my advice.


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