Can't Escape Race

Obama on race at Maynard Institute.

"One of the ways that I think that the civil rights movement . . . weakened itself was by enforcing a single way of being black — being authentically black," Obama said.

"And, as a consequence, there were a whole bunch of young black people — and I fell prey to this for a time when I was a teenager — who thought that if you were really 'down' you had to be a certain way. And oftentimes that was anti-something. You defined yourself by being against things as opposed to what you were for. And I think now young people realize, you know what, being African American can mean a whole range of things. There's a whole bunch of possibilities out there for how you want to live your life, what values you want to express, who you choose to interact with."

Yeah, I know the feeling.


  1. If you let race define you, you're a racist. And for the record, this makes most black people and every Jew I ever met racist (especially my wife, who still thinks "Jew" is an ethnicity... a la Hitler, perhaps?).

  2. Wait a sec.

    You're married?


    And where's Nick anyway?

  3. Of course I'm married. It says so in my blogger profile! Plus, don't I have the that "haven't been laid recently" desperation in my words?

    Nikk's around, he's just so busy replying to me and the crap I spew on his blog now that I think he stopped surfing the web.

    Lesson: never let an unemployed liberal be a contributor on your blog.

  4. That last bit had me joking on my kit-kat.


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