The Many Faces Of Comedy

Still reeling from my last error, I shall grovel for eternity, I present this picture of Lenny Bruce as a token of my deep regret.

A long, long time ago my uncle Paul gave me his Lenny Bruce albums. Thinking I was going to vomit from my eyes with laughter, I instead was left baffled and bewildered. It wasn't funny or at least not in the way a doofus 14 year-old understood humor. It wasn't until years later I began to understand a little better who Bruce was and how he fit in the world of stand up comedy - I feel inexplicably weird typing that word next to his. He was about other things...like free speech.

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  1. ... and dressing up like a priest to take donations to fund his heroin habit. Funny guy. If he had lived long enough, he might have been what George Carlin became.


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