Just The Way I Like It

Sometimes credit has to be given where it's due. I was over at a government office downtown - why do people jog in the center of town? The key to good running is to avoid interruptions and downtown that's all you find including people, traffic lights and sidewalk crevices all impeding your flow. I don't know hw they can find that magical equilibrium point giving runners that "cruise control" feeling. It's as if you'll never get tired. Ever. I digress -  to register the name of my day care (yeah, yeah I finally got one). I must admit the servants were courteous, friendly and professional.

Not only that, I was there no more than 10 minutes to get things done. No fuss, no muss. No wait times. Just the way I like it. Mind you, not that many people open businesses so that could explain the thin lines. Meh.

The only thing I didn't like was when I was informed by the lady at the wicket (who was kind of hot for her age) that in doing a name search if the name is available I didn't have to pay. But the government still took my money. I forgot to ask if I can get it reimbursed. I have to check into it.

Not only that, that, I heard some of the people helping others in English.

No, this doesn't mean I'm turning soft but gotta give them a shout out. I encourage them to do more. In fact, if they're not already doing it, I would train public sector workers as if they're in the private sector. Cutting down government (unless where necessary) is an unrealistic goal but retraining workers to be efficient (and bilingual) is very feasible.

Aside from the parochial cretins who shout "McGill Francais," those who believe once Quebec separates Westmount will pass into the hands of "les pure laines," and the Liberal party of Quebec hiring more fascist-inspired language police inspectors, Quebec is coming along...slowly.

Speaking of those miserables. I've met a few in my day. Why, one told my father -during the 1995 referendum- as he handed over the rent cheque, "hold on to it because it's the last I'll give you. We're taking over."

I still chuckle over that.

It's amazing how these people lack any intellectual dignity. Rather than build their own institutions, they want to steal the ones created by the English, Scots, Jews and Irish and to a lesser extent, Chinese, Italians and Germans. It's all you need to know about their mindset.

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