Compassionate Canadians

20% of Canadians aren't sympathetic towards lung cancer patients because of its link to smoking.

How nice.

Who's next? Diabetics because of its link to sugar?


  1. It's just another indication of the crazy demonization of smoking over other vices.

    You make a great point about diabetes, especially considering its current epidemic levels in our obese society. I don't think people who stuff their faces with fast food, Twinkies, and soda all day long face the same kind of hostility that smokers do.

  2. All diabetics are not obese just as obeses are not all diabetics. Same applies to smokers.

  3. True, potsoc.

    I have a skinny diabetic Aunt.

    However, being overweight, especially to the point of "obesity" does significantly increase your risk, as it does for many other illnesses.

  4. Yeah, I have a couple of diabetics in my family too and neither are obese.

    I get nervous that the media is pushing the obese "epidemic."

    About vices. We pick and choose which vices we want to demonize. Alcohol and gambling is accepted (here in Quebec the government runs that racket) but smoking is treated as if it's worse than those two.

    How about sexual promiscuity? Porn is increasingly mainstreamed. Smoke marijuana too.

    There are many addictions but we've decided to infringe on the FREE RIGHTS of smokers.

    Now it's sugar they're going after.

    It's nuts.


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