Introducing The GM Volt

GM has unveiled the Volt. Price tag? A cool $41k. But wait! It's affordable for middle class families  because GM has worked it out so that it will cost $350 on a lease.

That means, in the long-run it will likely cost more than $41k. Sure, $350 a month seems plausible or doable but leasing is not a savings mechanism. No matter how you dice, it's expensive-ish. The article avoided this fact.

It also didn't mention how many kilometers the sucker can go on a battery that has to be charged every night. Which, by the way, should be added to the overall cost.

Still, to many, it's a start and a step in the right direction.

Wonder if Al Gore will buy one.

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  1. The electric car is a concept that just keeps resurfacing for better or worse. I think we have seen the end of steam powered cars for the foreseeable future but electric vehicles just keep getting news coverage.


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