PM Power

A lot of people feel that Chretien and the Liberals led Canada proudly. Personally, as a two time voter, I don't agree. Now everyone is piling on Harper and his band of merry conservatives for being tyrannical.

How damn soon we forget. It was Chretien who was called the "benign dictator" remember? In any event, the nature of Canadian parliamentary politics is such that the power of the Prime Minister is extremely concentrated in one person. No wonder our last two leaders come off as "dictatorial." It's not necessarily a characteristic trait in them but more them using the power available to them. Trudeau and Mulroney also played the game well.

'Ti Jean was sparkling, if anything, for what were essentially cocky interviews and statements. Who could forget when during a summit (I forget which one) in Vancouver the police pepper sprayed protestors to which a journalist asked Chretien about it. His answer, "pepper is something I put on my steak." In a thick, Chretien accent of course.

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