Daycare Update

The person who heads urban planning in the municipality where my daycare is has left his position; just when he was becoming reasonable according to the owner. His assistant - who I don't care for all that much. Neither did the architect (s) for that matter - has been promoted. Short on warm politeness and long on a bureaucratic mindset, she can be quite the obstacle.

It didn't take long for her to impose her Reign of Absurdity. We finally got the ok to build a lousy extension to the building and just when things were beginning to go smoothly (we only waited four effen months) she pulls this classic: She's demanding a sump pump be put. As if we're a piss hole of cash.

Here's the kicker. There's no basement. The owner tried to explain to her, if you talk any contractor in the galaxy, they'll ask why. What are you going to pump if you have no basement? She stubbornly demanded one. During our architectural phase, the experts followed the provincial codes. However, news of the codes didn't get to the municipality and she often left them speechless. They would ask written "proofs" from experts (more money spent) on what the province already allows. We had to play ball since, you know, I had to get two sets of permits.

Absurd and time consuming.

Ever have a conversation with a mad man? I have. I'd rather have a conversation with a madman than some bureaucrats.

As for the extension itself, the inspector was snooping from 6am. He called two workers "suspicious" (as if they're enemies of the state) and tried to catch the contractor and the owner in a lie. It would all be so comical if it weren't so frustrating.

I'm cool with ensuring "rules" are respected but holy cement truck, it's incredible overkill. Permits, permits, permits. Permits! You! Do you have a permit to wear those boots?

So what happened? Because he spooked people enough, instead of working commencing yesterday, they hope to begin tonight.

I lost yet another day.

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