Recruiting Jihadists

Would the Mosque/Community Center be vulnerable to becoming a recuitment center for jihadists?

Is it far fetched to think it can?


Rauf a slum lord?

So much for Eugene Robinson's assertion that he's "practically a flower child."


  1. I'm curious: what would you think of raiding the church of groups who kill abortionists or bomb abortion clinics, and then preventing them from building new churches, for fear they will recruit? I think it's a blatant violation of civil liberties, but I guess I'm just not an alarmist bigot.

    I guess atheists are just used to being surrounded by insane, rambling, violent assholes.

  2. Note to self: Explain to Ginx I do have the courage to post stuff I don't necessarily agree with.

    BUT, you're skirting the issue: Jihadists are more of a threat to national security than pro-life terrorists.

  3. If it seemed like I was implicating you, I apologize, but thank you for answering my question (I got out of it that you are more threatened by Muslims/Jihadists than Christians/anti-abortionists).

    I don't see how national security has much to do with it, since Jihad poses absolutely no threat to national security. I'm more threatened by conservatives taking away my civil liberties in the fight against Jihadists. But what do I know...

  4. Hey, it's your country. And you may even be right.

    The best way I can answer this is I'm "inside" on both law enforcement community and the Arab Christian one and they would disagree with you.

    Ain't freedom grand?

  5. Okay let me clarify:

    Violent Jihad = Bad...

    But the risk of jihadis being produced at US mosques is not justification. If Bin Laden was opening an Al-Qaeda center for troubled youths, I would be the guy who shows up just a little too late to be the one to burn it down (damm traffic!).

    What I should have been more clear about is the fact that terrorists are not equatable to Muslims. Christians do more than their fair share of evil stuff (sometimes in the name of their religion, though usually in spite of it), but I don't see churches being protested. It hasn't happened in my lifetime, but I hear atheists are capable of violence as well.

    Too me, it's just statistics, not ideology. If you have a huge group, especially one that is extra inclusive to troubled individuals, you will have some bad apples. Atheists, Jews and Buddhists tend to be educated and affluent, two factors that lend themselves to lower crime (though it is not an immunity... right Madoff?).

  6. "What I should have been more clear about is the fact that terrorists are not equatable to Muslims."

    Quoted for truth. And I think people understand that.

    Other than that, I spit out my Captain Crunch with the idea of Binny running a center for troubled youths.

  7. He already has one big one called the Middle East, and America/Israel keeps making more orphans for him to prop up every day.

  8. Well. Like I argued in a previous post, I think he'd be able to have one even without America.

    While I'm not eshewing the reality of what you said, it can be further added America is a convenient scapegoat.

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  10. There's a fine line between scapegoating and blame. If Bin Laden was making outrageous claims that were untrue, I would say he's scapegoating, but he actually raises factual complaints:

    - US armed forces based throughout the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia
    - The treatment of Palestine at the hands of Israelis and their American backers
    - Imperialish policies (particularly related to resource manipulation)

    Honestly, I believe there was a time we could have engaged him in peaceful discussions. The guy was bankrolled by Reagan as the Mujahideen scuffled with Soviet Russia, and his family earns their wealth doing business with America. Why he hates America is frankly an accident of circumstances, largely predicated on Israel and the US ignoring him until he pereptrated 9/11 (we didn't engage him after the USS Cole, a military target, or African embassies, a political one... only after he hit a civilian target did we interact with him at all).

  11. Bin Laden was radicalized in the 1970s. I think you severely underestimate their explicit goals.

    I understand the facts you present, I'm just saying there's no deal making with this bunch. Never was and never will be.

  12. What I'm saying is: Bin Laden would still be around, he just has no reason to hate the US. Hell, he's closer to China. He has every reason to hate that place, we just give him a convenient recruiting mechanism. China never did shit to most people in that region, we did.

    He didn't attack us for our freedom or our lifestyles or our religion.

  13. I agree with the last line. It annoys me to hear "they hate our freedoms."

    As to China. They're capable of interventionism as well. Wait. It's only a matter of time. They're muscling in on Africa.


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